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Impress us with your momentum and duplication!

Hi Guys  

Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a credible list.  That’s vital, because success in MLM is all about your list.  But probably not in the way you think...   

Because the objective here is not to have a big LIST, but to have a big TEAM.   

So don’t try and impress us with your 857-name prospect list.  

Impress us with your duplication.

Recruiting somebody into your team isn’t a one off event it’s a process, a step by step process of giving out information and building rapport and trust. 

Giving your prospect the confidence that you will be a great sponsor!

It’s important that you have a system and a process that you can move your prospect through, each step getting them closer to joining your business. 

Sometimes that can happen in a day and sometimes it might take weeks or even months.

The important thing is to find out what they want and be there to help them, don’t be pushy but have momentum in your business.

Here's a quick true story for you... I (that's Phil) was on a flight from the UK to Spain one day and I was sat next to a middle aged couple. During the two and a half hour flight we got chatting and I asked them if they were going to Spain on holiday or did they live there. They said they wished they lived there but no they were going over to spend two weeks of their holiday (away from the job) doing up a property that they had recently bought. They said it was going to take ages to complete because they can only get away from their jobs for four weeks a year! We carried on talking about their property and I should a real interest in what they were doing. After a while they asked me what I did...BINGO! that's what I was waiting for! I said that what I do is help people like them to spend more time in their place in the sun! Their next question was...How do I do that...Another BINGO! I then asked them if they were seriously interested in finding out, if they were then give me their contact details so that I can send them some information, then we can chat about the way forward after they have looked at it.

I didn't hose them down with information there and then, I put them in our pipeline so that we could take them through the process, building rapport, trust and confidence.      

You want to get people on the list and off the list, as quickly as possible but don't rush it and try to cut corners.  

Keep advancing: step one, step two, step three – giving them more information each time until they finally say stop, or join.    

Remember, it’s not about building a big list, but building a big team.  

Now, move on to your next prospect!  

P. S.  Beginning tomorrow, we’ll explore the best ways to invite people for presentations.

Have a great day

To Your Success

Phil and Rosytha Cony (Leadership Sapphire Managers with Forever Living Products

This article was published on 13.10.2017 by Phil Cony
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