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Why are we called team 4 is the key? Well firstly because 4 referrals is what you need to unlock the 100% matching bonuses in the second of our primary income streams

and give you the potential earnings of $25,000 monthly, this is a monthly program giving you a repeat residual income.

Also having 4 referrals in the first opportunity is a number that can take you to over a million dollars in bonuses if you fill the levels based on 4 getting 4 down the 10 levels that it pays on and that is based on everyone just taking the lowest upgrade option, much more is available if anyone in your 10 levels purchase a higher upgrade.

All upgrade options with this program are one time costs.

Well the team part of our name is simply that we are a team that work together on helping each other to get the 4 needed to unlock the full plan.

Many other team and downline building sites/programs/opportunities etc are filled with lots of traffic and lead sites that they want you to join so you can get traffic for the primary business they are building, well the truth is even if the team gets just 100 people joining those traffic sites then your ads for the primary business you want to build are now just one in many ads all promoting the same thing and it doesn't take long for the ad site to no longer gain you any traffic or leads.

Another truth is that most of those traffic/ad sites etc all have affiliate plans and upgrades and is another income stream for members higher up the team and if you are not taking the upgrade options then you are spending all your spare time clicking and viewing ads, reading emails etc all to get credits so you can send traffic to your primary business that by now most members of that ad site have seen many many times and are not likely to look at it let alone actually join you.

Our team is not about you spending on things that you don't really need such as autoresponders, landing pages and funnels, traffic generators etc.

We are about old school methods of chatting to people and picking who you want to work with. You are only needing 4 people to really unlock your potential so lets make those 4 people people that you want to know and work long term with. You can get many more than 4 if you desire this will just massively increase your income potential and help your first 4 in the monthly opportunity as that works on a 2 x 10 matrix and will cause spillover for your team, but 4 is the key and is achievable by anyone.

We will show you what to do and how to connect with people for free using just Facebook and and other free social sites.

We do not have hidden charges for the team or bombard you with the latest shiny tool or opportunity, we have just the 2 pay to join opportunities in our system,

the first starts at just 25 Euro one time and there is even a free option if you are really struggling financially.

The second opportunity is also low cost at just $30 monthly and all other products within that business are optional.

I can see it being at least a year before we even think of adding any other paid to join business so for now lets just concentrate on getting the 4 to unlock your team income.

Click to visit my site for more details

This article was published on 13.04.2022 by Frazer Lazell
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Angela Peters Thanks for breaking it down  4 months ago

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