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New company Cash Back reimbursement for paying your bills

This idea has been on my mind for a while now and I was thinking of away to introduce this to the industry and one day on the internet i met a fellow marketer who already a concept for a business model and was almost done with his portion of the business he was just missing a peace of the puzzle we talked for several months on and off he launched his company we continued to talk gave him ideas on what he should do to get his company moving so for several months we did not talk then one day he called me ask me if I would be interested sharing my concept with him so I did over the next 2 years trail an error A lot of time and money spent trying to find the right people to build the website you learn a lot along the way we had struggles after struggle then I had to step away for over a year to help take care of my dad who had cancer it just seems as things where sleeping away it hard taking care of one cancer patient but my wife in stage 4 I'm not telling you this to feel sorry for me I'm telling you this because life throws different obstacles your way let's speed up to now 2020 we found the right company to build the website things are falling into place I'm just here to teach people that you can get cash back for paying your bills your daily expenses and essentials here a few examples cell phone /cable bill/ groceries / mortgage / credit cards/ hospital bills/ flight tickets/ restaurants / and so much more the only question is do you want to put money back into your pockets every month how many people do you know who would love to get cash back reimbursement for paying their bills how many people do you think they know would love to get cash back from paying their bills again we have to pay these bills every month if not they can get disconnected just think if you could get 25% off or 30% off or what about 50% off month after month now think about what you would do with that money now think about this just imagine a opportunity that would allow you to make even more money just by sharing this with everyone you know or come into contact with now the time to start getting paid back on pay

This article was published on 23.06.2020 by Frank Greenlee
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Towmerica - Towing/cash back, 16.95 USD to join

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