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For the last year and a half I have been learning to blog and advertise by using mainly free methods.

It all started when my husband was made redundant, and I was actually just looking on Facebook and one of those ads on the side bar caught my attention.  I hadn't planned to look for other opportunities at the time but when this one showed up it was obviously right for me.

I sat there and watched first the bridge video and then worked my way through all the company videos and I fell in love.  I saw this as a way to build a plan B so that if my husband's offline business plans did not work out or if I was made redundant it could become a plan A. I went all in at black level after discussing the potential with my husband.

Last year it did become my plan A for a while, I have done boot camps with my sponsor and all sorts of other things and I have learned so much.  The product I particularly enjoy is one called the Inner Circle.  This is a series of recordings, constantly been updated from the Monday night Empower Hour, where you get training in the business, any business, how to get the right mindset for business and how to improve yourself, in all sorts of ways.

The other products that are available are of course the Kalatu blogging platform.  I have two blogs running on these. You can have up to 10 blogs, all with different themes and titles on the one blogging platform and have full support for everything that is attached to the Kalatu blogging platform.  All you need to do is write, and put any banners and widgets you want used on your site.   One is called my Daily Empowerment and is where I write about daily thoughts and things I am learning.  There are things on that like my story, reviews of books I have read, ideas for motivation, how to overcome procrastination and all sorts of other things like that.  The second blog I am writing I have only started recently, and it is called Real Life in Africa where I am asking my African friends to tell me their stories so I can share them on this blog.  This one is my passion.  I have decided a way I can help my African friends out is to help get their stories out in the big wide world, We know they have challenges but I also want to share their joys and the ways they have overcome a lot of their challenges.

The other products available are all about teaching you how to build business, with titles like Top Producer Formula, Team Building Formula and Mass Influence Formula.  Everything that is taught can be used for other marketing businesses not just Empower.

Right now The company is going through a pre-launch of a product that is going to change the market and also appeal to the masses.  I can say very little about it as I have signed an NDA, however what I can say is the actual product will be launched in Late June, The first stage of Pre-launch to get in as a founder closes at midnight on the 20th May and will be re-opened for the next phase in a couple of weeks.

Check out my blog at  

Or if you want to check out the company directly head to

I am looking for people not afraid to work hard to join my team, because you will have to work hard, there is no denying it, but is you are looking for freedom then this business is producing it for those that work hard and are open to coaching.

Have a great day

This article was published on 20.05.2016 by Leonie Henskie
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Ange Love great article Leonie :)  7 years ago
Ange Love great article Leonie :)  7 years ago

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