Do you want earn dollars to live above the current economic crises in Nigeria?

I did not think this was possible, matter of fact i was very sure that i wasn't going to live beyond the situation i found myself. I was without a job and lived on my own. I had rent to pay and a car to service. How was i going to live beyond all these responsibilities. I couldn't ask my parents because they had long retired! i was supposed to be the one in the position to supply for them because that is what is perceived as right in the part of the world that i found myself - Africa.

I had tried to get contract jobs, i had done some petty trading. I was getting some money but it was purely for my sustainence. Could this be the situation you find yourself in Nigeria? Or is your situation even worse off? Maybe you are a father of 6 and you have no idea where the next morsel would come from. Or maybe you have tried out all kinds of MLM businesses only to find out that your upline only needed you to register and could not be bothered about your welfare or the information base you have on the business. You are stuck and can't move forward.

Let me show you a way forward ,let me show you a way to grow financially way above your expectations. The company is called GROWING CIRCLE. Growing Circle is an international company that first launched in the USA in January and now is in Nigeria. The company launched in Nigeria on May 28th 2016.  Since its launch in Nigeria, partners have gotten tablets, mobile phones, cars and cash rewards with an even greater expectation of houses in the future.

One good look at the COMPENSATION PLAN of growing circle and you can tell that this is a company that aims to raise your standard of living and make living better for the populace in NIgeria.

And that is the mission of the company's CEO, Benjamin Mueller, to make you better. Won't you rather be made better? It cost only 10000 naira to become a partner with an even greater potential of earning thousands of dollars.

You can take a look at the compensation plan and if it piqued your fancy. Then contact me and i will sign you up. You can also take a look at the company's website on this LINK.

i want to expose this opportunity to as many Nigerians as possible. So share the link and/or the compensationi plan with friends and family.

Long live Growing Circle International.
This article was published on 15.07.2016 by Ifiok Bina
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