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What to look for when evaluating a network marketing opportunity

Thousands of people join network marketing companies every day. many of them join the latest greatest opportunity, only to see it fall apart within two years. So why do so many people gravitate to "trendy" network marketing companies? Simple. Most people do not understand HOW to evaluate an opportunity. They simply join a company because the product or service is trendy. Many companies will get celebrities to promote their company and thousands will join because of that alone. Joining a company based on what a celeb says is the wrong way to go about evaluating a business opportunity. 

This will give you a solid outline to use when evaluating an opportunity. First, is the product different? What benefit does this product offer that is not offered by any other product on the market? Second, if the company has a product that is different, what safeguards do they have in place to protect other companies from flooding the market with copy cat products? And the third question to ask is does this product offer me a sustainable advantage in the marketplace? Will there be any competition in the near future? 

So you must be able to answer these questions before joining a business. Stay clear of trendy products that offer zero protection from competition. Also, if you want to promote a product, make sure that you are not competing against a major retailer. If you market coffee, you will be in competition with Starbucks. It doesn't matter what is in the coffee. People want convenience. Also,  Starbucks has created a household brand name. It's VERY hard to compete with billion dollar advertising campaigns. 

After 18 years in the network marketing industry, I have found what I believe is the gold star of network marketing opportunities. With a product that is a category creator that NOBODY has, and a company behind it that is solid, established and has zero debt. They also have strong patents protecting them from ANY copy-cat products from hitting your local retailer shelves. So in closing, this opportunity offers a different sustainable advantage in the marketplace, and I have made the choice to build an empire with it. I welcome you to come and see what I discovered and join me in building an empire that we can all be proud of. Visit my website for further details at

This article was published on 10.02.2016 by Mike Lundeen
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