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Kaelum Business Lending Source, LLC is now open for business

A lot of business owners start a business because they have a passion for it.  Unfortunately, sometimes a passion for a business will not necessarily be what the public wants or needs.  Kaelum Business Lending Source, LLC was founded in 2022 to help business owners solve a crucial problem:  "Lack of capital to operate their business.  Many business owners are unaware of the main reasons businesses fail.  1)  No one knows you have a business   2)  Poor product or service  3)  Not having enough or the right kind of personnel   4)  Access to money.  By providing access to money for business owners, Kaelum Business Lending Source  enables a business owner to do things in their business which will allow them to grow to their full potential.  This will include things like being able to hire employees, buying equipment, marketing, buying or leasing a building for the business and many other things which are business related.  As a result, when it is time to move ahead, business owners can do so with confidence knowing they have access to capital.  Regretfully, many business owners fail to plan ahead and to anticipate disruptions to their cash flow.  When this happens unexpectantly, most small business will not understand what happened and more importantly may not be able to obtain any or enough funding to get them through the problem.  Kaelum business Lending Source also provides funding for any real estate project.  From your standard fix and flip to funding multi family units  up to and including large hotels.  If it involves real estate in any form or fashion, there is a product for financing it.   But the financing industry is much broader than we can image.  If you are unable to pay cash for a project, you borrow money.  And even if you could pay cash, would you really want to?   There are so many things we take for granted when a purchase is being made.  Who pays cash when purchasing a fleet of trucks?  Who pays cash when buying a fleet of airplanes?  Who pays cash when building a pipeline?  Who pays cash when building a sub-division.  Who pays cash when buying heavy equipment such as locomotives and huge cranes that build skyscrapers,  And dare we think about the cost of the space projects.  I think you are seeing the big picture now as to why the financing industry is so vital to the economy.  And one of the huge  side benefits of borrowing money as a business owner or real estate investor is that you are able to write-off the interest as a business expense.   How fantastic is that?  Business write-offs are key to reducing your taxable income so it's a simple cash with no write- off or finance and write- off the interest.  As you can tell, the opportunities for financing just don't stop.  

In closing, with the help of MLM, Kaelum Business Lending Source, LLC  will be in a position to increase it's marketing exposure to an exponential amount of business owners which it would not have had access to prior to becoming a member.  Business owners that will need cash.  The warnings are all around us. With interest at a high level, it is having a devastating effect on everyone, including business owners.  Hopefully the business owners are preparing for a worst case scenario by making sure they have enough cash reserves to carry them through what might become a difficult time.  We hope it does not occur, but you still have to plan like it might happen.  With a lot of new programs avalable, Kaelum Business Lending Source, LLC will be in a postion to help a lot of business owners when they need it.

This article was published on 04.02.2023 by Irvin Turner
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