The most popular way of finding leads nowadays for your business is Social Media. People react, like or comment on posts and content they find interesting or valuable.

Social Media is a powerful tool in the 21st century when it comes to building our business of any kind. It is important that we use it in the most efficient way. We can even our Facebook profile maxed out and have 5000 friends along with followers. If we do not share value, our engagement under the posts will be minimum or close to zero. Many successful people are able to trigger the algorithm and get lots of interaction on their posts.

Audience: It is essential to know who is your audience. Basically you have to ask the question, who am I talking to? If you are sharing posts about online business and business strategies, you want to make sure that your audience is interested in the content you are sharing. You need to target the right audience, otherwise, there will be no interaction. Make sure you have the right audience and you target them with your content.

Quality: People get shocked when they realize how much quality matters in posts, pictures, videos. Oh yes! It matters more than you think. Unless you are a film star or a singer, no one is going to like or compliment  your blurry, colorless photos. They might comment, but I can almost guarantee you that they would say something negative. You have to present things nicely in front of your audience. Your Facebook or any other Social Media profile is your business card. They look at your profile and see what kind of person you are, what do you do, what are your interests, passion, etc Your profile shows them who you are, it is like an open book.

Posts: Some people express their frustration or negative energy on Facebook. There are so much negativity and stress in this world, people do not need to see that on Social Media too. Don’t share people who are suffering, missing children, horrible accidents, etc. These are all horrible and people need positive vibes and motivation in this life. Life can be overwhelming sometimes so people are looking for something uplifting. Something that makes them feel they have hope and wonderful things are waiting for them in life. Negativity will just discourage them, suggesting the world is always cruel and there is nothing to enjoy in this world.

Remember, positive energy attracts people!

This article was published on 20.09.2020 by Dóra Élő
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