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Turn your phone into your own personal ATM Machine!

The Instant Recall App  recalls and saves your memorable details (places, people, photos and videos, all in one place.

 Here's a brief description of what this app offers;

1) It's free to download

2) It costs $3.99/month

3) Can easily share with others everywhere you go

4) Recalls (reminds) how to go back to an exact location

5) Recalls JUST your location, No personal details, EVER

6) Recalls/reminds you of what food you liked at a certain restaurant

7) Recalls/reminds the date and time of an event or outing, past, present and future (with reminder option)

Here's why I love to use the Instant Recall App: Last week I went out of town with my sister and my cousin who lives there, met us for lunch at a very nice restaurant. We made a video of our outing and the cool part is I will be alerted the next time I visit that location and I can pull it up in my app at any time. This is what the app does.

But, the best and most fun part, this app PAYS you $1 for everyone you refer that subscribes and $1 for every person they refer and subscribes, PLUS, you only need to refer 10 personals that subscribes to open up levels 3 and 4 at 50 cents per subscriber. Our subscription also feeds 5 needy families every month just for sharing and subscribing. Everywhere you go your phone goes, making this the most rewarding, easiest and affordable program ever! 

Each app is unique to you and will assign you a referral code to share with your friends and family members to help you  get started with building your team. 

It's easy to refer new users and collect both points and pay:

1) Download, install and subscribe to the app

2) On the map page click on the points box in the upper right side

3) Locate your referral code in the bottom left side of my referrals page

4) Refer others by clicking on the Invite Now button in the bottom right side of my referrals page

5) Yow will know when you have a paid subscriber by the bar turning green on your users name in the my referrals page

To download and subscribe to the app visit:

This article was published on 01.11.2022 by Patricia Thomas
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