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Hi I'm 22 and I'm a personal Younique Presenter. I do not work for Younique I work for myself! MY business, MY work, MY success! I absolutely adore being able to work from home around my family life and still make money and enjoy the products even more! I started because I needed something for myself and a way to make money but still watch my beautiful daughter grow up! Younique has given me that chance and the best part is that you are never alone! The y sisters are always there waiting to help you with anything you need. There are no rules, you do it all your way! At only £69 to start up you get your kit, your very own website from day 1 so you can sell and make money straight away!! It's absolutely amazing and definitely an opportunity that cannot be missed! Straight from your phone, tablet or laptop, this business is internet based. You don't have to do home parties or go door to door, you do as much or as little as you personally choose! You can also choose whether to run your business full time, part time or do it as a hobby. You will receive 20% back on any products you buy so you can even become a kit snatcher if you do not get on with it. Just buy and get everything at a personal price. You choose, your way however you like. i have been working my business now for 5 months and have adored every minute, from connecting with new people, learning to be more confident, being myself again and just having fun whilst running my very own business and being a full time mummy too! I honestly wish I had done it sooner as my life has never been better! I still have my sanity, my daughter has a full time happy mummy,  my partner has someone there to cook him dinner and I'm finally earning my own money whilst still being able to to what I want when I want, the amazing part or working my own hours with my own rules!!  I chose the name TrueBeauty Matters because whether you wear Makeup don't, you are beautiful and nothing and no one should ever tell you different. Enjoy yourself, be happy and don't ever try be the same as everyone else! YOU are YOU. YOU are YOUnique
This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Deeanne Smith
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