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My name is Alex and I am an entrepreneur which brings me to write this article to everyone. Instead of going right into the opportunity at hand I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I found out about this great opportunity. I currently own 2 business's both of which are completely different. One is an escape room and the other is a website company. You might ask why so different? The answer is simply this I love owning business's that truly help people in one way or another. For example, our escape room allows people to be with there family's and to sometimes just relax and enjoy life while having fun doing our rooms.  For my website company, it was more about helping startups get the website they deserve for an affordable price. Everyone charges so much and many startups cannot afford that cost so they wait for a website. A website is a very crucial part of a companies image and I believed this had to be fixed so I opened up a website company that helped them get the website they deserve. Now through these 2 companies, I have heard about this CBD through the news and through Social Media as well. I knew the storm was coming and understood that many people thought it was a bad thing but there were also many many people who this helped as well. After doing a countless amount of hours on CBD I came across a company which I am now apart of called CTFO and let me tell you how happy I am that I did.  This company eliminated all the bad news about CBD and turned it on its head with proof that CBD is in fact perfectly fine to use and actually is much better than taking pills for example for pain related issues. So again I said to myself why not try this out. I knew I would have the ability to share there amazing line of CBD and NON Product with people who need it and again I would be helping people. So I joined. Now the cost for this is $0!!!! Yes $0 !!! so why not check it out and try it out and be a part of something that is going to take the world by storm =). If you would like to learn even more about this great opportunity click here Through that link you will have all your questions answered. If you would like to email me any questions at you can do so as well and I would be more than happy to help you out. 

This article was published on 07.03.2019 by Alexander Botelho
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CTFO Independent Associate - CBD/Non-CBD Products, Free to join

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