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Using Your Imagination To Generate Sales, Signups and Leads - Can You Do It?

One thing I have learned from years of marketing online and offline, is you are always having to think of new ways to get your message out.

Once you find a good advertising platform or strategy, it eventually becomes less and less powerful and pulls less results.

So you are once again, off to find new ways to keep new leads, sales and signups coming in.

So today, I want to talk a little about this and a bit on using your imagination to increase your profits.

So, let's dive into that topic!

It Was Working Last Week?

From time to time you will find that perfect place to get signups, leads and sales.

Then, like someone turning off a light, it stops delivering the results.

When this happens, it is best to pull back, and increase other strategies you use.

Come back to it for sure, and try again because it could pull again.

But you find this is the case with EVERYTHING in marketing.

So how do we keep business steady when nothing seems to work forever?

Using Your Imagination

Sometimes, you have to be creative, to get attention.

You have to always be exploring new avenues, and trying new things.

But to help you get a concept of how your imagination can help, here are a few facts you need to know:

  • No one hardly buys on first contact
  • No one will buy from you because they seen a link of yours
  • People buy from those they know, like and trust
  • People are always busy, and need to move fast
  • People are drowned in emails
Get the point?

These are obstacles every single marketer will face.

But, for many, they don't take this into consideration and wonder why their email blast didn't get sales.

When You Know These Facts, It Get's Easier

So now you got these ideas in your head, let's use our imagination on how we can overcome the obstacles.

No one is interested in my email if they don't know me, so I have got to have a subject line that will really stand out. Something funny? Something offensive?

Since everyone is busy, I need an image that grabs attention, that people will click.

Since most people will not buy from me their first exposure, I need good email lists and videos to send to them. I must find ways to build relationships and trust.

Since people are busy, perhaps I don't need to write long emails, but instead short and to the point.

Things Begin To Change

When you are thinking of these factors, you can begin seeing different results.

Since you have a different product then I do, I can't say what you need to say.

So it's up to you to grab attention, keep a message in front of your prospect, and build rapport with them.

But always remember this, and think this way:

No one cares about my results but me. They only care what I can do for them. So in order to get sales, I need to give them what it is they want, and focus less on what I want.

Did This Help?

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This article was published on 22.03.2019 by Jaye Carden
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