How To Sell STC30 by Sharing a PDF

Believe it or not this is a simple strategy that I have used to help me sell STC30 time and time again. 

I used to be very uncomfortable with selling anything until I realized that I am involved in selling on a daily basis, perhaps without even involving money.

I sold my children toy planes and a doll in exchange for them to eat their meal.

The children sell when they say they will clean up their room if I will allow them to go visit their friends.

I have "sold myself" in a job interview.

I sold my wife the idea of being a loving partner for life…

You get the idea.

Selling is easier when you use stories.


People connect with people in stories…if well done.

They say, “I am in a similar situation as they are and STC30 helped them. It can help me too.”

All of a sudden, price does not become an issue any longer. They want it and they want it now.

Here is what I did to start selling STC30

1. I became the product. I started taking it and documented the experience. How it makes me feel, visible changes, like the bald spots filling up with hair! Seriously, my daughter is the one who noticed this one day when I was in the lawn chair taking in some sun. So I took a picture and I'm waiting for the time the hair is all filled up so I can have a “before/after” story for all men in this category. 

See where I am going with this?

Become the product.

2.  I become an expert of the product. It simply means you know a little bit more than the next person. Find out about what it is made of, why, the science behind it. More importantly, find out what it is not!

3. I collected testimonials from my sponsor. Since I was just starting out, I had no story. He shared videos, images, texts.

4. I shared the testimonials. I put these in a Word file that I would publish as a PDF and started sharing with people in my Whatsapp groups or people I knew had issues connected to the testimonials.

5. I ask my customers for testimonials (some told me without me asking) and I includ them in the PDF.

So there is one way that helped me to get sales which you can use. If you can read this, then this is a strategy you can do!

I heard Darin Kidd say “Numbers tell, Stories tell.”

That is soooo true!

I have proved it.

This article was published on 13.08.2019 by Sunganani L Manjolo
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