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Meta Futures is a Perpetual Future trading bot with a unique approach designed to reduce risk and increase profit. The system is simple enough for a newcomer to utilize, and its inbuilt features are pretty helpful to users.

Demo Account: As soon as you register on Meta Futures, demo accounts with a $10,000 virtual portfolio are accessible to you, allowing you to practice and test your trading techniques without putting your own money at risk.

Same Direction Margin Call Limit: The feature of the same direction margin call limit on Meta Futures lets you enhance your profit when the market moves in your favor.

Auto: Even if you are new to trading crypto futures, this feature will help you. After setting up your trading strategy, select a coin and click AUTO.

Auto Trailing Stop Limit: When trade goes in your favor, Meta Futures' Auto Trailing Stop Loss feature enables you to break even.

Hedge Mode: In the Meta Futures system, you may trade using hedge bots; whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, this bot opens both buy (long) and sell (short) directions.

Hedge Reverse Direction Trigger: The Hedge Reverse Direction Trigger feature allows users to trade without opening long and short trades simultaneously

AUTO PILOT BOT: Moreover, the platform offers an automated hedge mode. An auto bot built strategy is great for individuals new to futures trading. No settings are required; activate your account, choose your coin (NOC) and FOA, and click start.

Secure Platform: Meta futures don’t allow counterparties to access your funds safely secured in your account on the trading exchange.

Just sign up META FUTURES platform, and activate your account with 150usdt annual subscription.

There is Unique affiliate or Referral program attached to platform you can earn passive income as well

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                                                                               META GAMES

Introducing first time in the market META GAMES, gaming platform based on live Crypto Trading Price Movement. You play the game base on live coin price movement and chart.

Our game helps you to improve chart analysis skills.

No cheating

No Robots

Just live 1 v 1 game.


There would be contestant can join any room and play with any person available or ready base on packages.

Both players will get random coin. One will predict upwards and other predicts downwards base chart analysis. They will toss and winner will have opportunity to predict first. The duration is ONLY 60 seconds then we get winner.


1. Predict To Win

2. Loose to Win

3. Best Trader

4. Traders Room

PREDICT AND WIN: In Predict and Win Game, it played with 1V 1, the winner will be the one who predict s upwards or downwards direction and get it right. Example: ETHUSDT, before start of the game Etheruem price was $2597.21. After 60 seconds price become 2596.91, then the one predict downwards has won.

LOOSE TO WIN: In Loose To Win Game, It played with 1 V 1, the winner will be the one who predict s upwards or downwards direction and get it wrong. Example: ADAUSDT , before start of the game, Ada price was 0.867usdt. You predict ADA will go downwards to 0.866usdt and after 60 seconds it goes to 0.869usdt instead. The one who predict ADA will go down has won.

BEST TRADER: Best trader is a skill based game. There will be Contest for 10, 20, 50 and 100 people in a pool. Each member contribute same amount in a pool. System give 120 different coins, each member should select 11 coins, analyze the chart and speculate or predict in next 1 hour, those 11 coins selected will go up.

After 1 hour, the best traders who speculation comes true will be selected as winners on the basis of the coins they selected. And there will share pool money according to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions respectively depending on the pool type.

TRADERS ROOM: Traders’ room is for everybody. System Will Get You A Random Coin to Speculate or predict. There will be buyers Team and sellers Team as well. You Can Join In Any Of The One Sides. After 1 hour, the group who Wins His members Will Get Benefits As Per The Ratio of Their Amounts Invested. They will share the winning amount according to the number of people in the group and the ratio of your amount added.

This game is played every 1 hour. Every Hour Even If There Are 2 Persons Available To Play The Game Will Be Played.

You don’t need exchange account before you can play the game.

Just sign up META GAMES platform, and activate your account ONE TIME fee of 30usdt.

There is Unique affiliate or Referral program attached to platform you can earn passive income as well

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This article was published on 09.05.2022 by Gideon Aboagye
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META GAMES - Predict and Win Game, 30 USD to join

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