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Additional income streams with a strong company.

Thanks for reading my announcement. This is a true story about our network marketing business. I personally have been involved in network marketing for over 30 years and I have learned a lot throughout the years. I have done well and earned a substantial amount of income. I have had what I thought were the most solid MLM companies go out of business, or change their pay plan and cut my income down to virtually nothing. This is the way of the industry, and also the way of many other business models not involved in MLM. 

Am I being critical? No, this is just the way of businesses since businesses began. There are a few companies that survive throughout the years and remain a great place to be, but statistics never lie and the fact is over 95% of all businesses go out of business between one and three years of their startup. MLM companies are no different. Most people join the network marketing business as an "add on" to their present jobs, hoping to raise their family income as a hedge to inflation or other reasons such as low job security at their employment. Almost all these people fail and then start hopping around to other MLM companies hoping to find the "golden egg". 

Finally, the folks who have hopped around just quit networking altogether and tell all their friend and neighbors how they believe the whole industry is a fraud and to avoid the industry like it is a plague. This of course is far from the truth. People just become frustrated and angry with their failure to become rich as some MLM companies advertise. Network marketing is not a get-rich way to wealth and glory. If it is worked consistently with the right attitude, the average person can develop a nice part-time or even full-time income. It takes time and effort to develop this success. One person may become successful in one year while another may take five years or more.  

So why doesn't everyone become successful in network marketing if all it takes is a consistent work effort? The answer is obvious. With over 95% of MLM companies going out of business, there are many good hard workers left out in the cold. It happens every day. My granddad always told me as a kid to always keep two bird dogs in case one died you could still hunt with the other. Here is my suggestion. Let's all have a primary MLM company and one other MLM company which will provide income if your primary goes down and eventually it will. It's a proven fact. 

Personally, I have one primary company and a downline of over 80,000. I also have a backup company that can be entered at only 20 bucks with a potential of a full-time income  to replace my primary if that is needed. An additional income stream is valuable and almost necessary in this industry. So I am asking my readers to consider my backup company, Savings Highway Global, as their backup company. It is a great company with unlimited income potential, well managed, well-financed, and with great products. You cannot go wrong with this one.

This article was published on 01.05.2022 by Nick Masters
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