Health is wealth

     Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone, more so in the United States anyway. I write today to read what the phrase "health is wealth" means to you, especially those who are involved with one of the many terrific health and wellness companies that are in business today. I meet people from time to time who are involved with different companies who are all excited about their company and products, which they should be by the way. I certainly am about mine, and I love the fact that I do not have to sell products. But enough about me, back to my post. Sometimes I notice slight inconsistencies in certain people in the health and wellness industry. Without a doubt the vast majority are using their products, but what else are they doing to live a healthy lifestyle?

     So many of the people that I meet, or communicate with via social media, are not following completely, or at least partially, a well balanced meal plan. And, more shockingly, half do not even exercise on a consistent basis. And I am obviously referring here to those that are capable of exercising. Me personally, I am a certified personal trainer of 5 years and a Type 1 diabetic of 46 years, so do recognize that I am in the gym four to five  days a week, and eating as healthy as possible. And please do not think for a minute that I do not recognize that situations do arise that are out of our control, i.e. traffic jams, etc., which can cause us to get away from a healthy and well balanced meal. Living in a fairly large city like I do this is all too often the case. Which brings me back around to my initial question? What does "health is wealth" mean to you? If you are talking the talk but not walking the walk you are definitely living an unbalanced life, which can cause major difficulties for you at some point in your life. And it also makes me wonder are you in the health and wellness industry because you are trying to make a quick buck, so to speak, or are you really passionate about that which you are promoting and looking to impact the lives of the people you meet? And rest assured that a well balanced meal plan along with consistent physical activity can reap huge benefits for people and has an overall head to toe positive impact!

Thanks for reading,

Scott Bodiford

This article was published on 05.01.2019 by Scott Bodiford
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