Learn how to build an int'l business from home in the beauty and health industry and earn thousands of dollars weekly, monthly and lot of other incentives like free international trips, phones, iPads, electronic gadgets and car awards

� when you register you get value for money

�When you refer, you get paid

�When your Upline refers, you get paid

�When your down line refers, you get paid

�Your team people refer, you get paid

�When you make repeat order, you get paid

�Your team buys from our shopping mall, you get paid.

�Your team make a repeat order, you get paid

�You get paid on Rank achievement 

�You get paid on maintenance (optional)


We are just launching new countries. Can you be one of the pioneers in your Country?

Are you interested in total settlement in your finances and health, join us����


 _Started 15th May 2019_ 

We are a Malaysian International and multimillionaire company which is expanding its operations around the world .���

It has a proven quality *AG Cera* product and pays very well , _instant,daily_,Weekly and _monthly_ .�

*WHY "AG Nutrition" ???*

1- One time payment out of pocket.

2- Lifetime business 

3- High commissions that you can recover back 80% of your initial capital investment by enrolling

just *2 people* with the same package as yours.�

3- You don't have to sell in order to earn big


4- No over recruiting. The company requires you

only *2 people* .

Getting more is optional.�

5- Pays every effort you put in with Instant

payments, Daily payments,weekly and monthly


6- Very effective AG Cera nutritional product  


7- Car funds, House funds, Travel opportunities,

and many other incentives.

8- Easy withdrawal of commissions through

bank wire and member to member��

� *Reasons why AG Nutrition is a good business*

1- Start up capital is affordable.✊

2- Instant daily earnings and instant withdrawals.�

3- Can do full time or part time.�

4- No educational qualifications required meaning anyone can be part of the business.�

5- You can make 4 figure income per month.��

6- A unique, highly innovative and powerful product dominating the market.

7- Selling not compulsory meaning you are not forced to sell our products before you make money. You can make money without retailing.

8- You can work from home or office.

9- You can do business anywhere in the world.

10- New company huge scope for growth

� *JOIN NOW* ��

�We have about *3 packages* ...

1- Basic Pack *90 $* �

2- Premium Pack *350 $*� 

3- Elite Pack *1035 $* �

 _You choose one package or more that suits you..._ 

 � *Several ways of Earnings with AG Nutrition..* �

�) Direct Bonus 

�) BinaryBonus  

�) Matching Bonus

�) Upgrade Bonus 

�) GSB shopping mall

�) GSB maintenance mall

�) Lifestyle Rewards 

�) Car Bonus 

�Explaining Each Bonus Now ✅

 �. Direct Bonus 30%* 

Let's Say 

 _If you joined with_ 


If Basic brings another "Basic "these are there earnings below 

     ✅75*30% = *22.5 $* 

Premium brings in Premium there earnings 

   ✅300*30% = *90$*

Elite brings in Elite pack earnings

    900*30% = *270$* 


Every package you sponsor you entitled to 30% direct bonus

 �) Upgrade Bonus* 30%

If you joined with the Basic or Premium pack

and you want to maximize your earnings you will have to upgrade to the next Rank ,called Elite pack

     Let say 

 _Basic Upgrades Elite _ 

It means the person who introduced them in the business gets 30% of the pack they have upgraded too ..

Basic to Elite 

   ✅900*30% = *270$* 

 �) Binary Bonus 15%* 

We are using Binary system you look for 2 people ,left and Right 

Let say left you introduce one person and Right one person joining with Basic pack

�Basic pack ( *BP* )

�Premium Pack ( *PP* )

�Elite Pack ( *EP* )


 *Binary Bonus(BB)* 

- BP : 11.25$ BB BP

- PP: 45$ BB PP

- EP: 135$ BB EP

That's is Pairing Bonus in summary 

 � ) Matching Bonus 15%* 

For everyone you directly introduce in the business and they join...Whatever they earn in pairing (Binary) bonus you earn upto 15% of it ..How deep you earn with this bonus depends on the package ,you joined with...

 �) Retail Bonus* 

Once you have joined the business you can reorder the product at a cheaper price and resale at higher price 

�) GSB Shopping mall *45%*

You will be entitled for GSB bonus when any purchase made by your personal direct sponsor in the Shopping mall.

*Payout is Weekly*

�) GSB maintenance mall 50%.

You will be entitled GSB when any purchase made by your personal direct sponsor in maintenance mall..

�) Lifestyle Rewards 3%

Only Applicable for Elite member.For every personal direct sponsor by Elite member will entitle for additional 3% of PV .This bonus is credited to your lifestyle wallet 

 �) Leadership 

Every time you get promoted to another rank ,you will be rewarded with new rewards...

� )Car Bonus 

Every leadership rank will be entitled with monthly car bonus...

#AG Nutrition

For more information ask the person who added you here

*AG CERA (English)*

1. CERAMOSIDES - (Ceramides) from France ��.

CERAMOSIDES technology is the best source of ceramides in the world. It will help increase the amount of ceramides in the skin. Proven effective within 14 days!

✅ Anti Aging

✅ Skin protection

✅ Increases skin moisture

✅ Reduces skin wrinkles

✅ Improve elasticity of Skin

✅ 100% plant (wheat)

✅ Free from GLUTEN

2. HYTOLIVE - Technology from Spain ��

HYTOLIVE technology is the world's best hydroxytyrosol supplier, the hydroxytyrosol content that can greatly help improve health.

✅ Source of olive fruit

✅ 100% natural Hydroxytyrasol

✅ Best antioxidant in the world

✅ Anti-Inflammation

✅ Anti-Cancer

✅ Anti-Platelet

✅ Anti-Bacteria

✅ Cardio-protective (reduces LDL cholesterol)

3. SAKURA EXTRACT - Cherry Blossom

The study from the Japanese Cosmetics Industry Association (JCIA) proves that Sakura's flower extract is very effective to help restore beauty, skin perfection and reduce signs of aging.

✅ Protects the skin from free radicals

✅ Anti Aging

✅ Maintaining Softness & Skin Moisture

✅ Brightens the skin

✅ Prevent inflammation on the skin


Original source of Turmeric. Proven effective over various health problems which can prevent & kill cancer cells.

✅ Anti Inflammation

✅ Anti Cancer

✅ Anti Aging

✅prevent brain disease

✅ Fight bacterial infections

✅ Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain

5. Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar)

Plants come from india, have been used from ancient times to cure diabetes.

✅ Destroyer of Sugar

✅ Reduces the sugar content in the blood

✅ Increase insulin production

✅ Reduces the desire/ craving for sugar

✅ Reduce the risk of heart disease

✅ Anti-Inflammation

6. Pomegranate (Pomegranate)

Pomegranate is a world-renowned fruit for its goodness for health and beauty. Anti-oxidants in pomegranate are found to be three times more than red wine and green tea

✅ Anti-inflammatory

✅ Avoiding Prostate Cancer

✅ Avoid Breast Cancer

✅ Lowering Blood Pressure

✅ Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain

✅ Increase the number of testosterone

✅ Prevent Jaunt disease

✅ The content of Vitamin C

✅ Strengthen Memory

7. MIX BERRIES (Blackbery, Blueberry, Raspberry & Elderberry)

Berries are among the healthiest foods.

✅ Anti-oxidants

✅ Anti-Diabetic

✅ High fiber content

✅ High nutrient content

✅ Reduces bad cholesterol

✅ Anti-Inflammation

✅ Anti-Cancer

✅ Maintain skin health

8. PEACH FRUIT - rich in many vitamins, minerals, and fiber

✅ Helps healthy digestion

✅ Improve heart health

✅ Maintain skin health

✅ Anti-Cancer

✅ Reduces excess sugar

*Why AG Cera Stem cell And Nano therapy is good for you*

♻ One sachet can activate about 80% of stem cells in your body.

⏩ Every part or organ of your body have stem cells, which are called differentiated stem cells meaning they have a specific responsibility in your body eg Skin stem cells, have the responsibility of regenerating your skin whenever its damaged, etc 

⏩ From the age of 25 years and above, the production of stem cells declines hence the need of reactivation thus helping it to multiply and help the body heal faster.

Remember the more the stem cells the stronger the body hence the quicker the healing... The less the stem cells the weaker the body.

♻ Besides healing the specified condition or known condition , stem cells will help you prevent you from diseases as.

♻ Quick results on any condition, majority have seen great changes in less than 30 days ie cancer patients even at stage 4, diabetic patients, patients with arthritis , with prostate problems etc 

♻ It deals with the condition at a cellular level hence a complete healing of diseases leaving no space of recurring.

♻ Can heal many conditions at once eg you have cancer and diabetes instead of focusing on cancer only, it cures both conditions at once.

♻ A box of AG Cera can address the following conditions and many others at once 

⏩ Support health immune function 

⏩ Cardiovascular disorders 

⏩ Improve blood flow 

⏩ Skin infections 

⏩ Liver problems 

⏩ Anti stress

⏩ Eye problems 

⏩ Joint problems 

⏩ Hemorrhoids

⏩ Hypertension 

⏩ Osteoarthritis 

⏩ Liver problems 

⏩ Gastrointestinal disorders 

⏩ Kidney disease 

⏩ Anti aging 

⏩ Burns 

⏩ Diabetes 

⏩ Heart disease 

⏩ Stroke 

⏩ Spinal cord injuries 

⏩ Muscular degeneration

⏩ Prostate disorders 

⏩ All kind of cancers (even at stage 4)

⏩ Memory problem 

⏩ Sleeping problem

⏩ Infertility problem

⏩ Importance or poor sexual performance 

⏩ etc 

Its worth investing your money in AG Cera stem cell products... Total healing of the whole body. *Bringing back The body organs to their normal form*

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