Melaleuca-- one company for everything and every niche!

Melaleuca, known as the Wellness company, has been around since 1985.  They don't operate as an MLM-- you earn simply by referring and signing up preferred customers.  They have over 400 superior products including but not limited to non-toxic cleaning products, vitamins, weight loss supplements, food/drink, top quality essential oils, personal care products, and cosmetics.  For a one-time fee of $29 ($12 annually after that), you can sign on as a preferred customer, sign up other preferred customers, and order once a month from them-- a total of 35 points (averaging $60).  The best part of this is you save 40% or more off retail when you join, and the savings compared to retail are amazing!  You can also enjoy loyalty rewards, partner benefits, and their learn-to-earn program simply by watching videos.  My link is, or see, under health/wellness.

As for me, I've explored other companies; and to me, this is the only one worth the monthly investment.  You don't have to worry about downlines, and you don't have to join many different companies to get the products you want or need from multiple direct sales companies.  They advocate one on one education of their company so prospects know about them and their products.  They offer tools and support, and dedicated promoters have the opportunity to fast track up their line by purchasing a transition kit (a large shipment of products across their entire line) to help you convert your home to their products.  Their products are safe, healthy, and wonderful for those who want to improve their overall health and well-being.

As someone who is into natural health and healing, Melaleuca is the way to go.  Their vitamins are patented with Oligo technology to help the body absorb them, and they even had a study done to back this up (The Freiberg Study).  As a natural healing practitioner, I work with essential oils, and find theirs to be superior. Their cosmetics are exclusive and top quality, and their selection of food and drinks make wonderful alternatives to anything found at Walmart.  They have three lines of effective weight-loss and workout shakes-- wonderful and effective to help those wanting to lose a few pounds!  Swap out some of your shopping money each month with Melaleuca-- you won't regret it!
This article was published on 13.08.2016 by Mai'Ani Silverstar
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