Cannabidiol (CBD) - What Is It? Is it Legal? Can I Get High on CBD?

Being a professional in the cannabis and hemp industries does have its challenges, one of which is re-educating a public that has been lied to by our own government for over 80+ years.  Sharing the truth about cannabis and hemp; how and why it became illegal as well as the benefits of positioning in this industry brings new possibilities. At most of the conferences that I speak at, one of the most popular questions I receive is: “How is cannabis (marijuana) different from hemp?” Great question!  

First, cannabis is cannabis. Which means the plant is the plant.

See diagram



                                                            Female                                                  Male

                                                      Marijuana                                                            Hemp

                                            Over 0.03 THC                                                                   Less than 0.03 THC or None

                                      Has psychoactive Effect                                                                Has no psycho Effect

                               Test positive for THC                                          May or may not, if no THC test negative for THC

Cannabis is commonly and often referred to as “marijuana” and to some, using this term is very discriminatory and offensive. So to avoid the drama, I refer to this plant as cannabis or hemp.

Part of my journey into the cannabis industry as a business consultant was to learn and understand this plant, so that I could teach others. What surprises me more, is that people seem very confused about this plant. They associate them both as one plant, when the two plants clearly come from the same family.

Let me explain:

One is a female plant (cannabis) and the other is male plant (hemp). It’s kind of ironic, but cannabis, or the female plant gives you a “psychoactive” effect; LOL if we let most men tell it, “most women can give a psychoactive effect too!” She’s creative, loves to explore options, is seductive and pain-free; easy-going but not too easy. She is fearless, loving and free-spirited. She has deep conversations that often gets lost in the moment; loves peace too, and can take you to a place where no man can take you alone. Yes. That part!

However, it’s the opposite with the male plant (hemp). He is mellow, kinda relaxing and pain-free. He gives no psychoactive effect, but rather a calm, laid back and soothing one effect. He wants everything to feel good and be at peace. He’s a fixer of all that hurts and opens your mind to new possibilities. Let most women tell it, “that’s what he is suppose to do, fix everything dammit!” LOL.

What’s unique about both plants (male and female) is; they both have cannabidiol (CBD), she just has more THC, than CBD. However, CBD is CBD whether from him or her.

CBD is a compound that has many unique benefits that over the past several years have become very popular in North America. CBD when extracted from the Hemp (male) plant has little to no THC and unlike her, he does not get you high, nor does he give you a psychoactive effect.

The next question I’m often asked is; “is CBD legal?” Yes. Hemp-derived products containing CBD are available for purchase online and can be delivered right to your doorstep. Now you can even find some CBD at local retail stores and outlets in America; and in over 40+ countries abroad.

I am also asked “Why get into an MLM company that offers CBD products, when you could have chosen companies in the industry that currently distribute B2B?" 

Another great question! My response

Cili by Design

For many Minorities (People of Color, Women, Veterans, the LGBTQ+ and People living with Disabilities), the barriers to entry into the CBD/Cannabis/Hemp marketplace are generally not having the right connections, not having a solid team/plan; and then finally not having capital. Cili by Design offers all of that and more!

Realistically, to start your own CBD company; whether from scratch or white-labeling, an entrepreneur needs a minimum of $200k and that figure really depends on which state you’re in and the manufacturer you use. Many Minorities, and I am speaking for US as a whole, do not have an extra $200k just sitting around.

That said, I decided to go with Cili by Design versus other mlm companies that currently distribute CBD products in the industry because it seems that everyone has the “best CBD oils in the market”….who wouldn’t have confidence in their own products, right? That said, this new aquaceutical cellular nutrition technology allows for 90% absorption of CBD directly into the cells; and as far as I can tell, oils just don’t stand next to this new cellular technology! Entrepreneurs could either purchase wholesale and sell at retail costs, or build a business. They didn’t have to do both, or one of the other. It’s their decision and there’s no pressure. I also know first-hand the type of Leadership the company offers since I had partnered with the founders in a previous mlm company and had financial success under their leadership. Solid team, absolutely! The Leaders are very hands-on and offer LIVE daily opportunity calls, weekly trainings and training videos for busy entrepreneurs to watch at their convenience. 

Finally, the customer testimonies, was just the icing on the cake for me!

No medical claims, just pictures taken by a satisfied customer before, during and the final results from using Swish CBD.

For more information about Cili by Design, or to Join Our Team, go to:

I am giving away FREE products to guests who attend the next few conferences.  You are all invited to join me in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 16th & 17th, 2019 at the Carolinas Cannabis Convention taking place at the Renaissance Hotel.  On August 20, 2019, at the Georgia Cannabis Investor Symposium 

This article was published on 10.08.2019 by Cassondra Khadijah Adams
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