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I'm looking for extra help in introducing my Online Course to individuals and/or groups. I have a marketing program in place. I’m not interested in hiring a company, but rather invite people into my program to do marketing. It is commission-based and work-from-home opportunity. Quick and easy training is provided with Videos and Notes. Work can be done casually as a side income, part-time or full-time.

The Online Course which you will market is titled, 'How to Tutor Children World Geography (as a FUN Hobby!). And the target audiences are Stay-at-Home Parents, Homeschoolers, College/University Students, Freelancers, Retirees, etc.


I enrolled in the course ‘How to Tutor Children World Geography' to increase my knowledge and eventually start a home tutoring business, and it has been an amazing decision. The course is divided into 4 sessions and it starts from the very basics of setting up a business and entrepreneurship, and it takes you step-wise through the process. The instructor is amazing and the videos are so fun to watch. I love that they give downloadable pdf files and tutor notes to brush up on the knowledge after watching the videos. So far, I’m loving the course and I will be recommending it to my friends as well!   - Leah Kumar - Canmore, Alberta, Canada

This is the perfect course for anyone looking to start a side hustle and earn some extra income. It includes everything you need to know to successfully tutor children, from basic geography to setting up your business. The best part is, you don’t need to be an expert in geography to start. All you need is this course and children to teach!   - Bonnie Emerson - Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

I have learned so much from Geography Coach's course, "How to Tutor Children World Geography." The sessions were so good that they have given me a new perspective and made it much easier for me to deliver the best to my students. Each training session was so professional and now I feel more confident in teaching this world geography as it is not at all easy. I Would like to thank Cynthia for her vision and would recommend it to everyone. What an experience! I'm so happy, and satisfied.   - Kayden Moore - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Training for my marketing program is in 3-parts with Videos to watch and Notes are provided. Training 1 (about 1 day) is about my product which is my Online Course and Training 2 (about 1 day) is about my marketing program and how you are compensated.

Commission is $80 CDN for every enrollment in my Online Course AND a bonus of $400 CDN after every 5th enrollment. Therefore $800 CDN (5 x $80 CDN + $400 CDN) for every 5 enrollments.

Training 3 (about 2 weeks) also done by Video and Notes. Training 3 is to promote my marketing program, so you would be a manager and receive a manager bonus (also commission-based).

Training 3 (about 2 weeks) is required if you wish to receive a manager bonus. In this role, managers typically earn around $60,000 CDN. With full training $100,000 is very attainable annually.

Every month, I will be working with 5 people directly to work in partnership.

This is where you can Sign Up as an Affiliate or MLM’er for my marketing program:

Open a FREE account by clicking the ‘JOIN NOW!’ button in the link above.

Once Signed Up, please email me and I will send info for Training 1.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards,


Cynthia Morris
Geography Coach

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This article was published on 12.12.2022 by Cynthia Morris
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Geography Coach - Online Course, Free to join
Looking for Affiliates and MLM’ers to promote my Online Course on ‘How to Tutor Children World Geography (as a FUN Hobby!)’. No experience necessary!

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