How To Get 1-3 Sign Ups For Your MLM Weekly!

Do you know if people do Not know you have a business. Then you are

Not in business? To earn income in any business you must get eye balls on your offer!

Your Cell Phone Contact List!

The Newbie to Internet Marketing would be wise to start with his/her warm market. This is 

the basic training you need to bring attention to your new online enterprise. Lets do a 

little old school with a twist. The majority of people today have a cell phone. For the savvy 

marketer it is a contact list already in place. All he has to do is send those warm market prospects 

a link. If in health and wellness that could be a testimony link. 

For Example:

Contact each person on this cell phone list. Let them know you have just started anew home based business. And, if you are open to earning extra income. Let me know if you are interested.

Follow up is the keey. Schedule it with in the hour!

When you folow up ask the prospect, what what stood out in the link sent.

Listen carefully to the answer!

 If prospect is excited about making money. Do a 3

way call with your company and sign the prospect up! Let the prospect know that after 

he signs. The next person you sign will go  under him. This creates volume fo you both!

Paid Geneaology Leads!

Once the new distributors cell phone list has been sufficiently canvased. It is time to look

at another source of targeted leads. Do not purchase Opportunity Seeker Leads. These leads are worthless. And, a big waste of time! These are know as Tire Kickers. Avoid These!

On the other hand Geanology Leads can be a bigsource of neworkers. Here the poeple are 

familiar with Internet marketing. Many are either in business already or satisfied with the company

they are with. However, if you put them into your sales funnel they may come in at a later date. Keep

in mind that most networkers change there company every 90 days. Marketers are constantly on the 

move for better opportunities. So, set up a sales funnel to drip on them. Your turn will eventually come!

MLM Recruit On Demand!

MLM Recruit On Demand is an excellent company to build a targeted list quickly.
And cheaply! You pay $16 one time. And, you are given 100 leads in your back office. Thereafter,

as long as you follow up and take notes on each. You can request 100 leads again over and over...

Also, this site give you phone s, video training, webinars. And, you are encouraged to call Ryan the only for any concern! He has done a great job of putting all the tools in one place to build a successful

internet business.

Take a Free Tour!

Remember, to be successful online you must get people to take

a look at what you offer! 

Your Friend,

Coach Gaymon

Call me: 240-524-2486

P.S. Let connect. Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

This article was published on 17.12.2020 by Coach Gaymon
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