FOREX dates back as early as the bible era when money exchanging exercise was erroneously done in the Jerusalem temple portion meant for gentile worshipper and may have existed much earlier than that. Pilgrims all over the world come with their individual’s national currency to trade and make exchange in order to obtain the temple currency meant to buy the material for sacrifice at the temple. Over year this has metarmophosised to what we have today as one of the largest if not the most market liquidity of our time.

In recent past, the FOREX trading has been presented in diverse facet by companies, individuals who have a FOREX based service to sell or offer. These services majorly range from FOREX brokerage, FOREX trading, and their likes. Sometimes they do exist as a standalone service or a combo version that has all services embedded in one box.  The truth is until hitherto, the status quo has remained the same until the GAME CHANGER LondonFx Network came to lime light.


LONDODN FX NETWORK is a FOREX service based online platform that provides FOREX certificate course with LondonFx University, Traders Portal for trading FOREX, AI Traders for artificial intelligence monitored FOREX trading, Crowd Portfolio Management, Individual Business Owners (IBO packages) and Signal calling services via telegram group link. Originally based in London but has started spreading her tentacles beyond the shores of London with a Physical presence print globally.


Traders Portal

The traders’ portal involves an online provision of trading analysis, risk management calculator, virtual trading room, and damage control trading for optimum result in FOREX trading. These unique tools made available for trading bring easy and profit gains on the FOREX trading floors of various brokerage where they are implemented for trading. A minimal capital of $250 and  IBO (Individual Business Owner) – IBO building bonus, signal subion, AIT residual, class bonus, crowd portfolio residual monthly fee subion of $20 is all that is needed to set the ball rolling. One can also leverage on the LondonFx Network club monthly fee of $110 for additional services like further tutorials, realistic buying/selling signal calls, profit motivated alerts, etc. Please for your FOREX Trading:  REGISTER

Londonfx University

With the LondonFx Network FOREX platform, it is now possible to get certified as a qualified FOREX Trader or Professional after going through an organized course outline which can be accessed via videos, ebooks, promotions, and forum. Get more information here: LONDONFXUNIVERSITY

AI Traders

No doubt we are in the era of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence when automation and perfection is gradually becoming the order of the day. LondonFx Network platform provides the integration of AI traders to further automate the FOREX trading for minimal loss and result oriented outcome. With $250 minimal initial capitals and $275 AI trader subion fee, you are sure of a worst case scenario of 10% -20% monthly ROI. SUBSCRIBE HERE

Crowd Portfolio Management

Crowd Portfolio Management is an arrangement where the clients funded account with a broker is traded by LondonFx Network. This is not an investment deal as it were because you are still sorely in control of your FOREX brokerage account. It is imperative to know that you have to fund the recommended broker yourself using the recommended broker Check list provided for the trading exercise. At least $1000 initial capital and $75 upfront admin fees must to be paid together with the following prerequisites before LondonFx Network can trade your funded account on your behalf.


1.    You must upload a valid means Identification which MUST be either of the following:

     a.   International Passport

     b.   Drivers License

     c.   Any government approved valid identification card

2.    Prove of Address which MUST be either of the following:

     a.    Utility Bill

     b.    Bank Statement

3.    You must pay 2.5% of your funded amount. Either 3, 6 0r 12 months as admin/account handling charges.

4.    Release the log in details for your trading account to LFN Limited. Remember that doing this is purely out of your pure volition; hence you are not in any way coerced to relinquish your trading account to LFN Limited.

5.    Please do read all associated documents related and the terms with all the conditions for doing FOREX business.

With the Crowd Portfolio Management package, 10%-50% monthly ROI is assured.  JOIN THE CROWD PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT


Potential FOREX trader could range from individuals, union, cooperative society, fund managers, students, salary earners, apprentice, Job seekers, free lancers, etc. The list is endless. Interested participants should use any of those links in the categories of their choices to leverage on the LondonFx Network.  Register and fund your account for immediate FOREX business. It does not matter what your experiences have been before now, whether you are once or existing FOREX trader or what your various myths about FOREX have been. Of a truth, FOREX trading has not been this fun and easy on LondonFx Network

This article was published on 07.05.2019 by Gabriel Nsofor
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