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Healthynuliving is a United States based company that is in the health and wellness industry. 

The founders are Eva Simone and John Dierksmeier. This started a prelaunch January 7 in 2022.

Eva has been in the mlm space for over 20 years. She has own and successfully managed a personal care salon. Her experience gives her the passion to help others succeed. As long time industry leader she is building her legacy with Healthynuliving.

John   has been in business for over 20years. He has a degree in Business Administration in the field of computer programming. He has owned and operated and sold direct sales companies.  As a long time industry leader he is equally building his legacy. 

This company has over 40 physical products that covers nutrition, anti aging, weight loss, colon sweeper, Skin care, Diabetes etc. We are a real product based company from the United States of America (Texas).   The products have been satisfied by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  The FDA registered facility.  Lab tested with 3rd party testing for Purity and Potency 

Signing up as an affiliate has lots of Benefits like having a website, lead capture pages, done for you autoresponder messages, tools and trainings from from industry best.

You will also be placed in a 2x10 matrix where you can earn Up to $5150 monthly with or without recruiting. You will also receive 100% on your personal referrals monthly and 20% on products purchased by direct referrals.

Here is the 2x10 Matrix Table.

Level 1.                   2.              $1.         $2.            $2

Level 2.                   4.               $1.         $4.            $6

Level 3.                   8.               $1.          $8.           $14

Level 4.                   16.              $3.         $48.         $62

Level 5.                   32.               $1.         $32.         $94

Level 6.                    64.               $1.         $64.        $158

Level 7.                    128.             $1.         $128.       $286

Level 8.                     256.             $1.         $256.       $542

Level 9.                      512.             $1.         $512.       $1056

Level 10.                   1024.             $4.        $4096.      $5152

Fast start is paid as $15 to sponsor and $15 is shared through the matrix in addition to the renewals.

Let me now explain the matching bonus. When you sponsored two persons with your referral link you will earn 50% of what they earn monthly in the matrix. For example you sponsored A and B. As A earned $2000 and B earned $1000 this month . You as the sponsor will earn $1000 and $500 as matching bonus paid to you as matching bonus. 

The most interesting part of the matching is when you sponsor 4 and above that is where you earn 100% matching bonus.  For example you have sponsored up 20 persons who have maxed their matrix and earning $5000 each. It means you will receive in addition to your earning $5000 x 20 which $100,000 per month.

This is the reason I am pushing everyone I come across to be part of this amazing opportunity called Healthynuliving.

Create your free account today at

This article was published on 15.07.2022 by Emeka Nwokocha
Author's business opportunity:

Healthynuliving - Health, Nutrition,, 39.95 USD to join
Healthynuliving is a U.S based health and wellness company that pays daily commission. $15 fast start, $5,150 monthly as we build your 2x10 matrix for you. 100% matching bonus. Great was founded by 2 Entrepreneurs.

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