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This weekend I CHALLENGE YOU to exclusively drink my Healthy Gourmet Coffee and or Tea and Hot Chocolate over the next 30-90 days and report back to me how it makes you feel compared to your normal brand.

Save money, Enjoy the taste and experience the health benefits. You will thank your body after doing so ! :D

So why should you drink my brand of Coffee,etc.. ?? And why i am passionate about my health & wellness / coffee business?.

Organo Gold Beverages & all other products with 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma , have all become favourites for people around the world. People are testifying day after day to the positive effects they are experiencing from healthy coffee here at Organo. They are recommending Organo Coffee to their family, friends,neighbours,schoolmates, and co-workers. Organo is literally changing lives physically, mentally, emotionally and financially...

World Renowned Nutritionist: Dr Bob Rakowski also explains the power of this product ! :

All products contain the 'King Of Herbs'- Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. In China, "Linghzhi" (Ganoderma Lucidum) means the "Herbs of spiritual potency", or the "mushroom of immortality". During my research on the Bencao Gangnu (Great Pharmacopoeia) a Chinese medical book published in the 16th Century, I found that it describes Ganoderma as follows:

"[Lingzhi] positivelly affects the Qi of the heart repairing the chest area and benefiting those with Knotted tight chest. "

Organic Ganoderma contains vitamins , minerals, 150+ antioxidants & 200 active elements. ALL IN A CUP OF COFFEE!! No other herbal product comes close to these amounts! For example, green tea has only 11 (without the Ganoderma), and the best antioxidant food supplement on the market has reached 30.

So what could Organo products with 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma do for you (according to pubmed and world renowned nutritionists) ? :

-Increased energy and stamina

-Increase brain power

-Rejuvenates and makes you feel young and alert.

-Strengthen the organs for elimination of toxins

-Uncovers arteries

-Fights atherosclerosis and obesity.

-Improves sexual performance.

-Helps to treat anxiety and high blood pressure.

-Helps with hepatitis bronchitis, flu, insomnia, asthma, anti- inflamatory, anti-bacterial (because it increases the activity of the immune system).

-Strengthens the bones

- Destroys cancer cells.

-Optimizes the use of oxygen in the body and improves sinusitis.

-Cleans the kidney and liver.

In conclusion, Organo 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma can potentially improve your health and your quality of life.

So make the healthier choice today! and begin the 30-90 Health Challenge:


This article was published on 13.08.2016 by Devann Edwards
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