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The one word that is 'key' to change frustration into joy...

We all get frustrated in various ways. Perhaps I should say, "Suffer from frustration."

Yet there is ONE simple word that can make the unbearable bearable - and change you into a joyous person.

The word is GRATITUDE!

When you stop dwelling on your losses and your failures, and start being grateful for what you have, the frustrations will turn into joy.

To the negative pessimist this idea seems ridiculous.

True nevertheless.

The AVERAGE millionaire has failed THREE times before breaking through to success.

I have been networking in various ways most of my life - full time on the internet for almost two decades.

Many programs have not succeeded long term.

HOWEVER, just like Edison and the light bulb we keep going. There have been successes mixed with the losses.

Much joy mixed in with the frustrations.

I am grateful for all the friends I have made along the journey. I am grateful for all the experiences I have had over these two decades.

Most of all, I have always KNOWN - somewhere down the road there is a "Pearl of great price" that will make all previous attempts suddenly worthwhile.

Over the years both you and I have been looking for that pearl, that field. We have come close a few times - and been disappointed many times.

Last year we stumbled upon a man who shared his vision of the 'pearl'. That has resulted in almost 36,000 people becoming founders in the OnPassive business - and several hundreds of them are my subscribers.

We anxiously wait for the launch.

While we wait, most of us need an inflow of cash to take care of daily necessities of our life, like food and shelter.

Recently I discovered a SECOND pearl of great price. It is rapidly destroying our frustrations and creating boundless joy.

It is called Cash Forex.

NOTHING I have ever found as fast as this.

It is completely different from all the nonsense coming from other FX hawkers!

Completely different from ANY online networking business you have ever seen!

How fast is it growing?

It is just over three weeks old and there are almost 4000 members - which means almost 200 a day. No real business in which you have to deposit a substantial amount to join has EVER approached such numbers.

Whether you have already taken appropriate ACTION and have joined with me or are "thinking about it", know that this is a REAL business - designed to last. 

You can earn PASSIVELY 2 WAYS.

This program is truly destined to change lives. Everyone gets paid daily Monday - Friday and everyone gets to earn DOUBLE their money even faster as people in their 3 x 10 matrix WITHDRAW money even if they personally NEVER referred anyone!

Important info.

1) The following two videos will share info on how the bull and bear compensation works.

A) Bull Vs Bear

B) Compensation plan

2) We have TWO methods to promote to others on our team. As soon as you join us both will be available.

I am "all in" here. I have switched most of my advertising efforts from other businesses to Cash Forex.

Some of the benefits you will have:

# Solid and Sustainable, no short-term nonsense here.

# Good income and quickly, right from day one.

# You can expect around 15% weekly from your deposit, and no need to wait until the contract expires.

# You can withdraw your earnings at anytime.

# Plus, you can actually upgrade your package before it matures simply by paying the difference between the pack you have and a higher one.

# Double (2X) or redouble (4X) your deposit quickly – in like 1 to 2 months. Yes, almost too good to be true, but very true.

# Active and Passive participation works great for all.

# It's Bitcoin In and Bitcoin Out – perfect for accumulating more BTC in its run-up.

# Open to membership globally.

# CFX is exceedingly TRANSPARENT and a great Communicator with us.

# A Panama registered company, and no onerous KYC.

# The trading that pays us is real – SEE BELOW.

The owners are real, well-known, and established respected public figures.

Minimum entry is $300, but 1k or more is recommended - if you can.

As soon as you click on that link below you will see the photos of THREE founding people

We all know that Bitcoin is NOT going to go away. We also all know that most people who join a traditional MLM business that requires recruiting other people.....will never do it.

So with that said you might as well take a few hundred bucks and let it work for you with a SOLID, REPUTABLE, CREDIBLE, AND LEGAL company. This is owned by networkers who know what they are doing and what is required to be sustainable for the LONG TERM.  

Fortunes will be made. Why not by you?  

Since every member receives the SAME percent of earnings each day, whether you are at the $300 level or $25,000, you get the same - which averages about 2.5% a day. So while at the $300 level I was getting just under $5.00 a day; but at the $2000 level that will be about $35 - $40 a day.

Definite incentive to climb the ladder as quickly as you can!

But wherever you start - and at whatever speed you progress - we will ALL eventually be earning thousands a month - PASSIVELY.

What are you waiting for?

We have talked about how good the passive earnings are - yet there is another part of the compensation plan you also need to think about: There is a 3x10 forced matrix in which everyone earns.

Would you rather come in NOW and be near the top of my matrix? Or do you want to dilly dally and join under a friend who will be telling you later?

The business is designed INTENTIONALLY so that a person of small means can start with only $300 and work up (out of profit - not out of pocket), all the way to the $100,000 level.

The catch: There is no "Free ride". You can register - at no cost - and look around. But you will not earn until you actually make a deposit.

So you need to do whatever you can to get your earnings started. That will happen quickly after you make that first deposit.

If you want it badly enough, you will figure out a way!

If I were you, I would do whatever it takes to just get it done!

You could be earning passive income starting tomorrow. There is Big Potential ahead! Just waiting for you to come in.

With this automatic system people who have never made money online before profit their first week.

You could be doing it too.

Huge potential. You could earn Up to 15% per WEEK... Completely passive!

No surfing to do. Zero 'work' to do.

No recruiting - unless you want to share.

Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 11.08.2019 by Saviour Ellul
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