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What we are looking at is an opportunity to invest in an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin that has not been launched on the currency exchanges yet.

I didn’t realise until recently how fast the world is moving to cashless societies. In fact Sweden is the first country to be a long way down the track. Sweden : Leading the way!


Bitcoin was the pioneer in digital cryptocurrency and started in 2009. Each coin was valued initially at 2 cents. After about two years testing and proving the computer systems that regulate Bitcoin it was listed on the currency exchange and almost immediately the value rose to 35$US. Two years later there was a massive increase in value to around 1,200$US. Then people started to sell their coins and cash in, many becoming millionaires, and this resulted in the value falling. Today the value fluctuates between 250$US and 300$US depending on demand. As acceptance and usage increases the value of Bitcoin will be maintained as there is limited supply of coins. If the coins are obtained at less than a dollar then this represents an excellent return.

Now that Bitcoin has done all the groundwork competitors are entering the market. I have come across an opportunity with a new cryptocurrency that has not been launched on the currency exchange yet. This is a ground floor opportunity to obtain these coins at a relatively low value. There is no guarantee that they will rise to the values of Bitcoin but there is a good chance that it will at some point be valued higher than the cost per coin.

Our History

We have been involved with about four other opportunities; however, they were quite labour intensive for the amount of return we received. We initially got involved in this purely as an “investment” opportunity at the beginning of July. I was contacted about five weeks ago by a retired Banker who comes from a varied background in finance and is now retired and was looking for a “hobby”. He completed a huge due diligence process with this and now getting to work. Since he came on board and others, in the past four weeks I have earned 3,538€ which equates to around 5,500$AU and this will only increase as the team expands as quickly as it has. We have now also generated 2,130 coins since that time so if they end of being valued in comparison to Bitcoin one day in the future, we would be really happy with that alone without the passive income along the way.

What has been great about this is those if people are with other MLMs, this does not cross lines or compete with the others and our team is based on ethics. I am earning great money each week and the team has grown in the past month so rapidly it is frightening.

Of course every opportunity to earn a passive incomes requires a little effort on your part.  The other good thing with this is that some people are not interested in networking - they can simply see it as an "investment" opportunity and that is all they need to do... others who share then start earning money in addition to their investment.

This article was published on 28.11.2015 by Sarah Mcintyre
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