How to join jamalifehelpers global and earn millions on a regular basis 

Joining jamalife helpers global is very simple. It won't take up to 10 minutes for your registration to be completed .

After your registration, you will receive a welcome email from the company, welcoming you to our amazing platform. You will also own a comprehensive back office for you to use and monitor your business. In this back office, there's an embedded ewallet where all your earnings go. You can withdraw those earnings to your local bank account, you can use them for registrations or you can readily sell them to existing members and get real cash.

You can only join jamalife helpers global business through an existing member. This person is known as your sponsor. If you join through me I'll be your sponsor and I'll complete your registration and send your login details to you very easy.

If you are ready to become a jamalife helpers global member, I'll need the following details from you in order to complete your registration kindly check below


First Name 

Middle name

Last Name

Date of Birth 

Country .....

Phone number ..


Email Address 


Send it to me on WhatsApp (+2347036959741) or message me here directly. 

From other countries like South Africa, Cameron, Zimbabwe, USA, E.T.C?? Let us know so that we assist you 


Read a little about the business below 

Once your registration is completed, you are good to go with your business start building your business and earning your money as you go

JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL is a global financial empowerment opportunity.

JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL birthed out of passion and committed to adding great value to humanity

*NOTE : 

* No Buying Of Products

* No Selling Of Products

* No Monthly Renewal 

* No Product Maintenance 

* Registered with CAC Nigeria

* 100% Risk Free

JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL is Simple 2x2 and 2x3 Matrix which is very simple, making members to climb quickly through the stages within the space of few months.

� You get paid instantly for every effort you make. This means, you get paid the same day you register someone under you

� You earn both from your effort and your team's efforts

�The company will not only enrich your financially but also materially

� You will enjoy international trip all expenses paid. 


* It is a referral program.

* It rewards in stages.

There are 8 stages to earn Different income.

�All it requires to become a member is a one time payment of N2,000 naira

✨With this one account, you're to invite two people, who in turn will invite their two people and so on to join.


Stage 1. N1200

Stage 2. N8400

Stage 3. N56000

Stage 4. N308000

Stage 5. N1400000

Stage 6. N4480000

Stage 7. N22400000

Stage 8. N112000000

* Also available are NON CASH INCENTIVES :

* Stage 4 : N50,000 Free Voucher to Shop at Shoprite

* Stage 5 : N100,000 Free Vouchers to Shop at Shopprite Plus $1000 For household Items Plus Medical Insurance 

* Stage 6 : N150,000 Free Vouchers Plus SUV Worth $13,000/N5,200,000 Plus Medical Insurance

* Stage 7 : Choice Jeep Worth $50,000/N20,000,000 / Travel& tour Worth $10,000/N4,000,000 plus Medical Insurance

* Stage 8 : House worth $300,000/N120,000,000 & Range Rover Worth $170,000/N68,000,000 plus Medical Insurance


1 account = N2,000

3 accounts = N6000

7 accounts. = N14,000

It's always adviseable to start with at least 3 accounts. This means that, your earns will be * 3

This article was published on 05.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
Author's business opportunity:

Jamalife helpers global - Service, 5 USD to join

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