The pros and cons of Posting to Facebook Groups

If you've ever looked at Facebook groups about MLM or Affiliate Marketing or similar you will notice sever things that they all have in common:

Firstly they are packed and any advert you post quickly dissapears down the page as hundreds more are added. Then there are the 'Trolls' who post porn and other drivel that totally ruins the purpose of the page (administrators, despite the warnings they give about such postings, seem to ignore this rubbish). Then of course there are probably 50 other people advertising exactly what you are advertising. Trolls even try to advertise in your ads comments section (I always block these idiots). The list goes on with the negatives but they all beg the question:

Does posting to groups actually work?

Well the answer is yes - from personal experience - but it depends on certain habits that you need to get into. I do very well posting to Facebook groups but I follow a very regimented routine now learned from experience;

1) Make your post ORIGINAL: By this I mean don't just spout the same old "Do you want to be millionaire in 3 weeks" crap. If you use text (and often I don't - I will come back to this in a moment) then make it personal; Say hello, say who you are etc. Don't just sell sell sell - this is what everyone else is doing so set yourself apart.

2) Use an original and striking image: Make sure it is copyright free (Facebook detects repeat users of certain images and blocks them from posting -Facebook Jail. There are plenty of free image sites out there without restrictions, download a few and then add your own touches like logos etc. to make them 100% unique to you.

3) POST POST POST: You need to be posting every day all day to have an effective return on Group ads. BUT you have to be careful also. Facebook will also block you if it's 'bots' theink you are spamming so you have to space the posts out and doing this manually is very time consuming. My solution is to use an online API based Auto Poster which quite happliy posts away at regular intervals all day and all night if I tell it to. I also have more than one Facebook account just as a security measure for the odd time that I might get blocked for a few days (you can get blocked for many and various reasons). 

Example Ad

Example of an ad from my autoposter. This one is for 25 Dollar Legacy

I now post on average 100-150 ads a day to facebook groups and I change the ads every day. The autoposter I use is free (although I upgraded for the essential extra facilities such as ad tracking etc. so I know which ads are working best. But you can post up to 50 a day free and the ad is presented in a professional way much like the existing Facebook sponsored ads. Example above. I am also able to post images, videos or just text and in addition have a seperate link to my business website at the top of each ad.

You can check out this great autoposter by CLICKING HERE

So YES group postings work, providing you work at making them work.

To your success


This article was published on 25.06.2016 by John Ward
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Sina Nic This is a very interesting Announcement. Thanks for Sharing it.  4 years ago

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