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Truth About Making Money Online

Making money online is possible.  It is far easier than opening a retail shop or a restaurant. It surely beats franchise system.  But you need to realize that making money online is NOT easy.  It is possible that online business can be set such that your long hours may not be needed.  However, that is only possible when you have put in your extensive efforts.

Most of the hype you read sounds too good to be true, and most of it is.  However, there are some REAL opportunities out there. You just must know where to look.

Myth: Working your online business is easier than working the 9-5.
Reality: To be successful in online business is harder.  You are on your own at least during inception stages.  Online business is ever changing thus you must be very adaptable and be able to grasp new techniques.  Oh yes, you will need excellent time management and organizational skills.  Furthermore, you must motivate yourself constantly.

Myth: You will spend time with your family.
Reality: It is possible that once you have set up your systems and/or outsourced most of your tasks, you will have more time to spend with your family.  Yes, you may be working from home, but you will be dedicating your time towards your business.  Balancing time with your family and business will not be that easy.

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Myth: I can my job within weeks!
Reality: Yes, it is possible that you could quit your job eventually, but not within weeks. All the claims of 6-figure income overnight are TOTALLY hype.  Let me assure you that nothing is easy in any business.  It is tougher to make your substantial earnings online since evolving all the time.  Total success is possible only when you can stay on top of and driving these changes.

Myth: Build it and they will come.
Reality: Totally untrue. You must build it.  You will have to drive traffic.  Once you drive traffic to your site, you will have to capture them.  Then you must pitch them so they can procure your product or service.  Getting enough traffic to make your site profitable is the goal.  You can be sure it is not easily attainable.

Myth: The Internet is fair and balanced.
Reality: The Internet is just one big playground for scammers thanks to its anonymity.  However, there are plenty of real people.  You must be sure that you are not entrapped by scammers.

Myth: I can work whenever.
Reality: It is likely that you will be spending more time than your regular job.  There are daily demands on your time from your family and the business every day.  You can’t ignore family and as such balancing time will be tougher task.

Myth: All my friends and family will want to join me.
Reality: No way! Most will simply laugh and brush you off.  Most will think that you are wasting your time.  Of course, it will be your hard work that will prove them wrong. Have success then they will join you.  Yes, success is sweet.

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As harsh as it may sound, the odds are not in your favor.  But if you have the drive and motivation to earn more and be financially independent, you are likely to succeed.

This article was published on 07.08.2019 by Prakash Kunjeer
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