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Getting fit in 7 minutes? The truth about short but high intense workouts

Now Body platform shares how you can get the body you want in just 7-15 minutes every other day!

The idea of having to go to the gym and spend an hour or two working through every machine to hit every muscle group in my body has me as excited as having to paint the house sometimes.

In both cases it seems to take forever and I end up sore all over the place and in muscles I didn't even know existed.

Now I am not saying that I think there should never be any soreness or pain as that is a true indicator that some good work was done.  What I am saying is I don't want to have to spend hours doing it.  I am sure you could benefit from more time with your friends and family instead of hiding behind your earbuds at a gym.

With the Now Body platform, short duration, high intensity workouts (lifting with either free weights, machines or resistance bands) is the way to go and have you done with your workouts in as little as 7 minutes every other day.

With the whole stereotypical gym routine you go in and work all major muscle groups every other day.  This gets you a good workout but leaves the whole body sore (especially for beginning members) which often leads to people pushing back their next workout(s), sometimes to never working out again.

Now you will get sore with the Now Body methods if done correctly though instead of having just 2 days to recover and regain/regrow that muscle group before the next workout you will have 10 days.

This allows ample time for the repair of tissue and regrowth of cells to allow the next cycle to be even stronger when you hit the weights again.

Here is a sample cycle you will follow with the Now Body health and fitness platform with a couple exercises you would/could do.

  • Day 1: Back and Biceps (for example curls, lat pulldowns, back row)
  • Day 2: Active rest (walk, jogging, swimming etc.)
  • Day 3: Shoulders, forearms and abs (Should press, wrist curls etc)
  • Day 4: Active rest
  • Day 5: Hamstrings and calves (hamstring curls, calve raises)
  • Day 6: Active rest
  • Day 7: Chest and triceps (bench press, tricep extensions)
  • Day 8: Active rest
  • Day 9: Quads and Glutes (squats/leg press)
  • Day 10: Active rest
  • Day 11: Start the cycle over again

The key thing in each days workout is to workout the muscles to failure...True growth always happens outside of our comfort zones so you need to stress the muscles and make the uncomfortable for a while.

If you are easily able to do three sets of an exercises, this is a sign you are ready to increase your weights.  It is totally fine and acceptable to not be able to get through all 10 reps of your last set with a higher weight and experience failure.  Now if you are working out with a partner they can help you will some of the last few reps to get you through where you really can not lift much of it yourself (assuming no risk of injury would take place with many free weight scenarios).  This is where the true workout to failure comes into play.

If you are not with someone then by all means when you are on that one rep you can not finish it would be time to set the weights down carefully.

Obviously you will not get fit after just one workout, however there have been many success stories of people seeing some dramatic strength increases after one complete cycle (10 days through and starting the next cycle noticing they are going up) and again with consecutive cycles when following the instructions provided within the platform which includes but is not limited to:

  1. A 21 day calendar/plan (getting you through at least 3 cycles)
  2. A 21 day supplement protocol (again you need to replenish the body with protein to generate new tissue)
  3. A 21 day workout video series to follow along
  4. Fat fighting recipes
  5. A private support community and more!

Right now you can take the lifetime option of just $99 to try out the Now Body platform (monthly and yearly options are available but the new lifetime option is the no brainer of the three choices in my opinion!)

You can learn more and see more examples of the exercises in action here:

Now Body platform health and fitness results

Now I have no desire to become ripped or chiseled and instead just want to feel good, have my clothes fit better and get leaner and stronger overall.  Perhaps you are just like me and want the same for you and your loved ones.

If that is the case then grab your lifetime Now Body membership here now before that option disappears!

Dave Gardner

This article was published on 07.08.2022 by Dave Gardner
Author's business opportunity:

Now Body - Health and Fitness, 99 USD to join
Now Body focuses on short workouts to muscle failure on one major body part every other day. Combined with recommended supplements of Whey Protein and Fiber, results can be seen within one complete workout cycle.

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