Are U Struggling? Let's Get Married!

Hello, I'm Coach Paul T.

I don't physically want to marry you. Lol!

However, I would like to marry you as a business partner and teach you my newest strategy to turning $20.00 Bucks into fortunes!!

When I first saw people making these type of claims, I laughed. Ha! Ha! Ha!

And I said to myself what if this was REAL? What if I was missing out on a fortune!

Like the average entrepreneur I was curious and begin my journey of checking out these low cost start up claims of making fortunes and some were okay but the average was JUNK!

So, I decided to conduct my own research and found a network of fearless people making mega bucks daily!

It's a System that pay YOU DIRECTLY!

The company have been around for 10 long years! That’s a huge advantage for you and I.

That means we can build a strong relationship on a solid platform and NEVER DIVORCE!

Divorce Court is Expensive! LOL!

So, I consider myself to be clever because I study Compensation Plans and the Structure of how the pay-lines flow.

I also focus on how to build systems and funnels so that you, myself and our business newlyweds can experience a Win! Win! Deal for all of us.

I'm curious to learn how you feel.

Now, don’t get it twisted because there are options to upgrade. Every business model should have upgrades or up-sells. The issue with most upgrades is a matter of being too costly.

The average person can’t afford the upgrade and then the owner of the program attempts to blame you for not having the budget to afford their high-ticket products/services.

I would say how much my cost of upgrades are but it is useless providing you too much information here which would also spoil the opportunity of you enjoying the extraordinaire presentation!

That’s almost the same as CHEATING! LOL!

Therefore, I must end this conversation and take you on a honey moon of asking you to try my 

Fearless Opportunity! Lol!

Yes! I love having fun while getting PAID!

And so should YOU!

Here is the link to your future of fortunes! 

Here is my number, text me anytime >> 336.276.2459

We can't build an honest business relationship without TRUST!

So, I would like for you to call me if you need my help only after you've COMMITTED to following the instructions to join me and my T.E.A.M.!

Have fun making fortunes,

Coach Paul T.

This article was published on 02.05.2018 by Paul Thacker
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