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Opportunity as a Mary Kay Consultant

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Scott and I am a Mary Kay Consultant, I discovered Mary Kay years ago when two of my Aunts started in the business. I loved the skincare, make-up, and fragrance products they offered. However, I stopped using it thinking that Department stores offered better products, BOY WAS I WRONG! So, fast forward to spring of 2022, when I was reintroduced to the world of Mary Kay...with new and improved quality products, even a men's skincare line, a botanical line, and great new fragrances! Not only I am excited to be a part of this great company...I am also excited about presenting the same opportunity to you! Mary Kay is a 60-year-old company that was launched in Dallas Texas, on September 13, 1963,  by a little lady named Mary Kay Ash. And ever since then, her business has grown and empowered hundreds of thousands of women...and we all know their successes by the signature "Pink Cadillac."  Once you reach the Sales Director level, which by the way isn't hard at all, YOU can drive one also, or opt for a different car, one Sales Director opted for a Pink Tesla! Yes, darlings, the lives that you can change in this business are phenomenal on any and every level! Did I mention that we have men who have joined our ranks? Oh yes, several of our Regional Sales Directors are as you can see, it's an opportunity open to all, empowering all!

The Mary Kay business is open to ALL, we don't have territories, that way you sell and earn anywhere, the only requirement to start in the business have to be 18, and that's it! There are so many awards and perks in this business, I can't even name them all!  So, with that being said...we have a Fast Start program where for $30.00 you can join the company, and get your own website, we're also able to take debit and credit card payments via Propay. So come on and join a fast-growing team, and get this...everything you buy is at 50% off the retail price and everything you sell out of your inventory is 100% yours, you can either use your profits to purchase more inventory or pay bills, the choice is yours. What are you gals and guys waiting for?! Let's BREAKTHROUGH!


This article was published on 15.01.2023 by Lisa Scott
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