Have you ever come across network marketers who come with a sales pitch telling you about their company and it's compensation plan out of the blues? I have so many times, both on social medias and physically meeting them. I have been in that ugly situation before where i went about talking about my business opportunity to people i have never met and i learned the hard way. It's obvious that many people in this industry will continue to struggle trying to pitch all the time.... but hey guys, this is 2016 and a lot has changed and it will continue to change within the industry. Until you move away from the 97% of those who are missing the key to professionalism, sorry...you will be at the bottom trying to find your feet.

I remember a lady sending a message to my Facebook page asking me if I've heard about her company and how good their pay plan is and that i should check it out. Not knowing her from the blues amazed me and i had to reply her appreciating her concern for me to look into her business opportunity but made understand where she is going wrong and how she can be a better entrepreneur. Yes it is ok to prospect other net-workers and new ones who want to delve into the business but forgetting the importance of building a relationship with people.

There are posers, Amateurs and professionals and i tell you, for you to go Pro, you need to ask yourself, am i providing value to these prospects? Focusing on recruiting customers or distributors will end you up being solely disappointed because they will in turn run away from you but focusing on education and understanding will endear them to you and thereby building a long lasting relationship.

It's high time we took this business as a profession and yes it's not that easy but life itself has never been easy. Business takes time to mature before you begin to see the fruit of your labor so as it applies to network marketing business. For you to be a better recruiter, let it be known that it takes about 4-5 exposures before you make a closure. You need patience and consistency to actualize great result.

Another major factor into bad recruiting is where an assumed leader finally signs a new distributor up and leaves that person to figure everything in the cause of his/her business. Pros don't go that way, pros guide, making sure that these new recruits get the right results to accomplish every reason why they joined the business in the first place. Remember, you are the reason why they decided to join the business no other person but YOU, so do your due diligence to properly be in control of affairs of your group and see them succeed.

I hope that these tip will help you as a leader polish those lapses that have seen you struggle in times past. This is a billion dollar industry, it's too late to quit now having come this far.

Thank You.

This article was published on 11.07.2016 by Wilfred Obi Jr.
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