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What I will be sending is quite a lot to read/digest but i just want to give u the whole picture . So here goes Vida Divina a new new company that's going to launch in a few days time. First launch will happen in 9 countries; USA and South America. They have started the process for UK, Ghana, Nigeria , Kenya, South Africa and in a few months would happen. The company is launching with 16 products first and by summer next year, would have about 165 products in market ranging from everything to everything, so basically it's what every potential consumer would want. The 16 products that will be launching on are in the following lines 1. Weightloss 2. Health and Nutrition 3. Hair care 4. Home care 5. Organic Make up and beauty products 6. Pets products By summer of next year, there will be 165 products to trade with. COMPENSATION PLAN SUMMARY ============== 1. 50% Retail profit 2. 50% Fast Start Bonus E g. When you invite Taiwo to join the business, Taiwo joins for free and orders products worth $300 for example, Vida will pay you $150 that same week. Imagine you invite 10 people in a week and they all order $300, $150, etc, multiply that by 50%. Money rolling into your pocket. 3. Build a team of your own. We can help you will that and you get paid 50% matching bonus up to 7 levels which means whatever cheque your team from ur directs down 7 levels get, you match their cheque 50percent Also there is the commission to be received from the pay leg of the binary And, Let me break it down a bit more. Kindly go through the benefits hereunder and lock in. #1 ADVANTAGE! The Compensation Plan was created by the person that created the #1 Compensation Plan in the Industry of Network Marketing! That compensation plan created MILLIONAIRES and this one is far BETTER! #2 ADVANTAGE! Distributors are paid 50% of the DOLLAR AMOUNT invested and not the VOLUME associated with the PACK selected or the product! (Example: Product retails from your website at $50. You make $25 retail sales commission and 50 POINTS into the Binary!) Fast Start Bonus is 50%! Check Match is 50%! Retail Product earning is 50%! #3 ADVANTAGE! All products are $40! This means you can load up on products for a set price and the suggested retail price is a 50% Markup! (Sell for $60 hand to hand!) We have 100 products to choose from spanning several industries! (Health and Wellness Supplements, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Energy, Hot Beverages, Pet supplies and more!) #4 ADVANTAGE! No AUTOSHIP!! Your “Monthly Obligation” is to motivate you to sell products! So, when you have three customers purchase (1) product each then your “Monthly Obligation” disappears! OR if you make a purchase of 3 products from yourself monthly, then you are ACTIVE!! 120 Points monthly keeps you Active. #5 ADVANTAGE! Your personal orders receive 100 % of the VOLUME POINTS into the PAY LEG of your Binary! #6 ADVANTAGE! The Progressive Binary Plan pays out at a base of 5% and you have an opportunity to increase it by activity! If you have customers that place their orders on your site in the first week of the month, you earn an additional 5% payout in the binary! The second week earns and additional 3%, third week, and additional 1% and the final week, you receive your base of 5%! #7 ADVANTAGE! 4 LEVELS OF ENTRY! Each pack is CUSTOMIZED by YOUR product selection and Merchandise can be included! $1200 = 40 Products $600 = 19 Products $300 = 9 Products $150 =4 Products #8 ADVANTAGE! STAR COINS! Star Coins are “coins” you can earn and accumulate that can be redeemed for products, event tickets, trips and more! #9 ADVANTAGE! LIFESTYLE AND MORTGAGE BONUSES! Lifestyle Bonus can be used for two trips per year! These trips can be you and family, or even you and a prospect! MORTGAGE BONUS! When you reach a certain level you are rewarded with a monthly MORTGAGE PAGE of $1000-$4000 depending on your rank!! #10 ADVANTAGE! CHECK MATCH ON 7 LEVELS! We receive CHECK MATCH of 50% on 7 Levels of our organization! REGISTRATION PACKAGES: *At the time of registration, you will have the choice of customizing your package by choosing any products you want to start with** $1200 /40 products $600/ 19 products $300/ 9 Products $150/ 4 products between 1k-4K monthly towards house purchase once we get to a certain level , holidays to exotic destinations, commissions for helping ur team member close a prospect and lots more Armand Puyolt is the CEO in the league of the likes of Eric Worre He has been in the industry for about 30 yrs but not a newbie . He creates compensation plans for lots of mlm companies and now starting his own. They are based in the USA but opening in 9 countries in a few days time and work has started in those African countries to be listed by 31 Dec All we are saying to people now is position urself cos positioning and timing is key. When launching comes in a couple of days the plan is we are all coming in without paying just to be in position to lock out spot . Then on 2 weeks time we will be asked to pay for our products however much we have the financial capability to spend and we are not restricted in our choice of products That's it for now really. Pls take time to peruse it. I was sought after to join this biz and by Gods grace will be positioned high to the top . My up liner and myself will give 110 percent support as its our aim that by Gods grace if we give it our all by end of the year we are looking at our team members earning in the region of 5 figures. We are ready to give it all it takes so advising our people please go and tell everyone you know, build ur team put them together , get them ready so when we officially open they can come in with us free with the opportunity to pay for their products in 3 weeks time By the way No monthly auto ship required if you have your 3 customers who buy their $40 worth of product each. The products are affordable and cost just $40, but it not, it's 120 USD but this money I assure u will be coming out of our commissions For now it's free as we are all positioning ourselves and our team members but in 2 weeks time we would all be expected to pay and purchase our products and depending on ur financial capability the fee starts from 150 USD and it will give 4 products 300 - 9 products 600 - 19 products 1200- 4000 products the corporate office is at 7940 Cherry suite #201 Fontana, California USA Get ready!!!
This article was published on 25.06.2016 by Donald Chinedu
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