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My name is Stuart Molyneux and I live in Southampton UK. What I am about to show you is real!! Something that is new and will take the industry by storm, so please have a open mind.

I have been in work from home businesses offline and online since 1990 and GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is the most transparent and exciting opportunity I have come across. It started up around June 2018 and is about to launch any week now! Today is December 23 2019. As of today's date there are over 49,000 paid Founder members. I joined the programme last December as a Founder. Founders receive automatic placements below them before the launch. Founders also have Priority Positioning on all new licensed programmes ahead of the public. That membership is about to close very soon.

GoFounders/ONPASSIVE are still in prelaunch and during this period they are accepting Founder Positions by Personalised Invitation only. The price to become a Founder is just $97. After launch you can join for free as a customer, or can come in as a re-seller for a one off out of pocket price of $25. Other positions are available but everyone has to start with a $25 package. Book your position now with me before launch, free to do so! We are compliant in over 200 countries.

GoFounders/ONPASSIVE will solve all the issues for online and offline business programmes. offering a 100% success platform. No recruiting required, it is done for you!! No selling. No advertising. No clicking ads etc. In fact you can build a very serious income by not doing anything. It as all done for you. It recruits and sells for you. GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is 100% fully automated using Artificial Intelligence. You also get a 7 day free trial before you pay anything! In fact this programme is designed specifically to guarantee every members success.

GoFounders/ONPASSIVE have offices in USA and main office is in Bangalore the silicone valley of India where they have about 200 IT personnel.

Our market is everyone who is running a business, because they can promote any other business with GoFounders/ONPASSIVE, or you can just join and enjoy the financial benefits of our membership. Plus the many 1000s of people who for one reason or another joined programmes that did not work for them. ie the programmes failed, people found it hard to sponsor/recruit etc. GoFounders/ONPASSIVE will be a God send for you because you cannot fail but to succeed. That market alone must be over 2 billion people. You can set it and forget it if you wish.

Book your position now with me before launch, free to do so! We are compliant in over 200 countries.

Thank you for reading, by the way I am not interested in any other opportunities , no matter how good they look.

Stuart Molyneux Skype stuartm1066 link trimurl.co/akt

This article was published on 23.12.2019 by Stuart Molyneux
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ONPASSIVE - Marketing, Free to join

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David Cockerill definitely the best and only business we will ever need.  10 months ago
David Cockerill Well done, I am member of Gofounders too. Read my business announcemnt. David Cockerill Can't wait for the launch which will be amazing   10 months ago

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