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ONPASSIVE And The Brutal Honest Truth! Part 4

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AI promoting

And while there is work being done, it is just not being done by you. From the prospecting to the recruiting to the selling to the closing. And most importantly, helping you obtain a constant flow of new customers and ultimately retaining those customers.

Surprised couple Whether you are already involved in an online business or you are just looking for a way out of the everyday rat race, ONPASSIVE will be a dream come true, for everyone who gets involved. And it does not matter how long you have been online or what your experience level is, I can guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before.

Done for you

And here is another piece of the brutal honest truth. As I mentioned earlier, the passive AI technology of ONPASSIVE is going to force everyone to become successful online, whether you like it or not. And if it bothers you to have machine learning forcing your success instead of you having to depend on the work ethics of yourself or others, then this may not be for you!

Plug and play

Because you will have zero choice in the matter, for as soon as you plug in, it is going to go to work for you, doing everything that is needed to bring about your long awaited success.


And the last piece of the brutal honest truth... earlier I mentioned this video was a little hard to make because no matter how much of a silver platter this business is being delivered to you on, unfortunately, there will still be those who will be stopped by one thing and one thing only...and that is FEAR!

Mental prisons

And what is very unfortunate and quite frankly a little sad is that no matter how much is done for you, there will always be those who will be forever stuck in their own mental prisons from their past experiences with online marketing, whether directly or indirectly and will never know success.. will never know real financial freedom... and will never know what it means to live a life that you have freely chosen.

Feeling trapped

For some, there is an unconscious choosing to stay a victim to their circumstances no matter how unpleasant they may be because it serves a purpose for them. Now, think about this... the only reason why a person would continue to endure hard times, when they no longer have to is because they somehow feel it serves a purpose for them.

New way to think

But when they consciously choose they want better and this choice overrides the limiting subconscious belief, it is then they will have better. You have the power to choose.

Details matter

When I became a Founder in ONPASSIVE in July of 2018 and I can honestly tell you that my excitement about what is being built for us has not waned from day one. In fact, what is about to be revealed to the public could not have been accomplished in just a few weeks or even a few months. And those that truly understand the magnitude of what is about to rock the entire online marketing industry understand this, very well!


Having the opportunity of a lifetime to become what I call an Early Bird Founder in ONPASSIVE, from the very beginning, has made every bit of what I have ever experienced online, all worth it. And I am grateful, every day for the inspiration and vision, of what some would call an impossible dream, that was given to Mr. Ash Mufareh who has now made this dream possible and I am a part of it!

The final stretch

And although we do not have an exact date for when we will present ONPASSIVE to the world, what I can tell you is that we will be having our very first public webinar for new ONPASSIVE customers on Feb. 4, 2020!

Welcome to ONPASSIVE

In order to learn more go to:

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Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 02.12.2019 by Saviour Ellul
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