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Hi ladies and Gents.

My name is Michael, Ill just be talking to you about picking a MLM company that not only has the best compensation plan but is this really what your chasing? The comp plan could be one of the very best. BUT you don't have a leader, now you might think you know what a leader is you may not. but a leader is a person that not only strives for their own success but also shows you and teaches you how to achieve and learn to be a great leader not just for yourself but for your team. You'll be able to teach your team how to lead, they wont depend on you making them money and getting them new prospects. NO they will be the ones going out and hammering this business opportunity! WHY? because you've invested time and effort into personally developing not only yourself but helping your downline do the same. 

So when you do seek a MLM company. don't just join for the plan, join because the person is able to lead and teach you how to lead and succeed! You cant achieve anything if you don't put in the effort once the business is treated like a business, after you decide to personal develop your own mind by reading books, magazines, listening to the network marketing greats on youtube, listening to audio books, I like to call this the millionaire University because this is me learning everyday new and great ways to market myself, my business expand my knowledge on becoming a better leader for my team. teaching them the same. Teaching them that giving up is never an option. If you cant take a NO or are going to take it to heart, but if you can take that NO and smile you will be an achiever and be well on your way achieving your dreams, aspirations and especially the goals you've set. 

Every person thats ever started in Network Marketing has had up and down days, frankly if you dont have up and down days you are simply not working hard enough! My favourite person to listen to is Eric Worre, one of the greats, he explains all this in all his books and audios. 

My whole point of this article is to educate you guys to know what your getting into. This is such a great industry to get in its constantly evolving, so my question to you is are you personal developing yourself or waiting for someone to do it for you?

This article was published on 14.06.2016 by Michael Kruger
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