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HI !

I wrote an article recently on IboToolBox which is getting attention.

My press release is talking about my latest project where I am going to take 50 people hand in hand to allow them to do something No one else has done before in the history of the company I am working with... (You can find out more by clicking on IboToolBox above it will take you to the article)

I am going to show believers and non believes in network marketing how to make money online pretty fast working as a collective. Working with other collaborators hence the 50 other people and how teamwork helps everyone if it is done correctly and if everyone follows the same  path.

I will keep this short as my intention is for you to click the link above to find out more...

What I will say it this... I do not promise you will get rich over night... I do not promise you will even make money... I must say this as some people will follow the direction I send them in and not follow the very easy steps and thus will not make a dime.. However other people who do follow correctly will do something perhaps they have never done before they might just make their first commission online.

Most people have been online for years and not worked out how to make money... Other have been luckier.. Some people think because something seems simple then it can't simply be done... If you are telling yourself that then I am sorry but you will fail.. WHY ? Why do I say you will fail? Well.. If your telling yourself something does not work... if your telling yourself 'You can't do THAT' then your brain will put up it's mechanisms and prevent you even trying..We are all grown up's here.. We know what happens if you don't even try don't we ?

You need to feed you mind like it is a muscle.. If you tell it the right things it will listen... if you feed it the right foods (I know bear with me!) then it will respond better..Am I making sense ? Some people might not understand this... but I promise you if you open your mind to possibilities then things start to change..

Click the IboToolBox link above and read the article.. See what I am going to do. You can create your free account on the site too... It is getting over 200,000 views per day and it has a lot of social marketers on it. I tell all my business friends to check it out..

Here to help you succeed!

William O'Toole

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This article was published on 10.10.2015 by William O'toole
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