Many people have been asking me on the best approach how to build their network marketing business. In today's training, I'll be shearing my suggestion with you on the best approach for building your network marketing.

For the past 4 years of participating in this industry I have seen that it's either you build your network marketing business fast, or you build it slow.

Now the question is what is the right approach????

There's a particular story which I believe you have heard before about a dog and a tortoise racing competition.

At first the dog ran faster and was leading the race but at some point had to relax to regain its energy, before he realises, the tortoise on a slow and steady pace, overtook him and won the race. But not so in network marketing business.

In today's training I'll explain to you why you should adopt the fast approach if you want to be celebrated in your company.

In this industry, I have studied some successful top earners and most of them adopted the fast approach. This is other wise called the 90 days challenge or 90days blitz although often times they normally return to normal pace after they have accomplished the level of success they wanted. But they always begin with this initial burst of energy.

Yes to succeed in this industry you have to do what other weak networkers won't do.

You have to compress your time to do in two months what most people will use two years to do.

You have to decide to succeed very fast so that you shock your doubters.

If your aim is to grow very fast, I suggest that you consider the 90 days challenge because if you do, it will create momentum in your business. People will suddenly be attracted to you, you will come across quality people within this short period because you will be on a different energy level.

Your team members will readily pick up your energy level and transfer it to their team members and your team will explode.

This will transfer to a increase in your income which you will probably live the life that you've always wanted.

Figure out what you want to do in the next 30, 60, or 90 days 

You can even start with a week challenge. Figure out what you will be doing on a daily basis consistently to build your business.

Once you have a game plan for your challenge days commit to doing them. And never ignore anyday. 

You can accomplish alot in even a week than what you have accomplished in the past 6 months.

If you still want to maintain a slow and steady approach, it may take you a very long period of time to be successful in this industry. This industry requires energy lots and lots of energy.

If I were you I'll adopt the fast approach today. Here is another side note, it doesn't matter where you are in your business, how long you have been. You can relaunch your business again and set a challenge for your self. Like I always tell people that my first one week challenge in my business got me where I am now you too can adopt a challenge for yourself compress time so that you accomplish in few weeks what it would have taken you few years to accomplish.

This post is my personal opinion, you can disagree with it which is fine. That is what makes us different persons only do a favour and drop your own opinion on the comment section. 

Do you agree with my opinion?? I'll like to hear from you.

MAC-FRANCIS EDEM is a network marketing professional, he has assisted many home business owners to build their network marketing business right. He is currently a diamond director in his primary company. If you will like to Join his business group kindly click here

This article was published on 24.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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