How To Sponsor More People Into Your MLM Using 4 Easy Steps



Could it be broke down into just 4 areas to help me sponsor more people into my MLM business?


Just 4 steps you need to really focus on, can increase your MLM signups, and help bring you results you desire.

So today, I want to dive into the 4 easy steps to sponsoring more people in your MLM business, and help you get results.

First Off, The Basics

First thing to know is the basic concept behind having success with MLM sponsoring.

It's massive action, and lots of presentations.

But when you begin doing that, you find several missed opportunities at signups due to so many people you must keep up with.

So I explain in this how to keep up with all the prospects, and the areas to focus on for getting a lot of MLM signups.

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Step 1: Generate Leads

If you are not generating your own MLM leads, at a rate of at least 10 a day, you need to first be focused on getting this task accomplished.

I've been working in lead generation for so long, that 10 leads come everyday, even when I don't try.

So find a method or two, or many, that will be how you generate your MLM leads.

Do not use purchased "Biz Opp Leads" as I have never seen an ROI on these, or know anyone who has gotten one.

The best way is to use methods such as:

  • Creating Content (blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, webinars)
  • Social Media (Paid ads, free postings, messaging)
  • Solo Ads
  • Classifieds
  • PPC
  • Traditional Marketing (home parties, events, flyers)

Doesn't matter how you are bringing in the leads, so long as you are getting them.

As you grow at this, follow closely to the next 3 steps.


Step 2: Call Your Leads

It may be scary to many people, but calling your MLM leads puts you at an advantage like no other.

People join businesses where they actually know who they are joining, more then they blindly join things.

Some will not join anything, without a call first.

Some will join only because you called, and you must be successful if you do that. (that's how some will see it)

There are several advantages to calling your MLM leads, and it will only increase the number of people you sponsor in your MLM business.

Miss this step, and you lose a lot of business.


Step 3: Make Multiple Lists

You will also be wise to get an autoresponder.

You can find the most trusted and most reliable AR on my blog post I published, using the link at the bottom of this business announcement if you need to get one.

But you need it so you can send emails to every prospect you've ever encountered, everyday.

Doing so will keep you from missing out on a daily follow up with prospects.

Also, you will need to keep multiple lists, each with their own need.

Here are some examples:

  • Active Team Members (those who signed up to the business)
  • Fence Sitters (those who say they will join later)
  • Customer Only (people who only purchase product)
  • Inactive Members (those who quit, and may come back later)

You get the point.

With multiple lists, you can email thousands of people at once, with a specific message, or message them all with one.

But you will find a huge increase in your overall MLM sponsoring rate with using an AR.


Step 4: Schedule Every Task

This step is more for productivity, and making the most of your day.

You need to have every task scheduled out for the day, so you do not lose anytime distracted.

Here are tasks you can schedule to increase your MLM signups:

  • Dial Sessions (calling new prospects)
  • Scheduled 3 Way Calls
  • Content Creating
  • Social Media Postings
  • Checking Emails
  • Writing Emails, Emailing Your Lists

By scheduling each step out of the day, and finishing it quickly, you find you create a real business environment. 

If you do not schedule your tasks out, you will find you are not able to prospect, create content, post on social media or any other task near as much or as effectively.

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Did This Help?

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