This Extraordinary Blockchain Savings platform is like no other program you will ever see.  Your savings membership deposit will be 4x the same day!  If you are serious about saving for the future while learning all about crypto and the metaverse, you have to see a presentation for yourself and discover how thousands of everyday people are realizing their financial potential, even PASSIVELY!

I started with this exclusive Blockchain Alliance in March of 2021. My family was searching for a savings plan that paid more than 1.0%, which was back then the average APY (yearly rate). Now it averages about .56% APY.  With the single amount I wanted to start with for my own account, (about the average monthly rent for a single-family home in Dallas), I would have earned about $14.00 for the year!  Then something happened that has changed our reality and is making such a huge difference in our lives today. 

This savings membership grows exponentially. Compare $14.00 for the YEAR having an average savings amount of 1K at the banks, with our .3% a day, every day, and 4X of your growth every time you recirculate your % of rewards back into the savings! Your initial USDT membership amount will be at 4X immediately! This passive savings is amazing! The program was established in 2019 and is one million members strong today. It's here for at least another 4 - 5 years before no more savings memberships will be accepted. By then the IPO will be established.

Everyone would earn .3% in cryptocurrency rewards every day without the chaos of coin volatility. They would also receive an included blockchain education, an introduction to the Metaverse, an introduction to upcoming ICOs, access to clean mining, and free training on the exchanges, like how to add to your account if you choose, and how to withdraw from it. 

I knew nothing about cryptocurrency and blockchain, but my son and I got started right away after we did a little research and read the proof documents.  At that time the company was allowing all memberships to be tripled. We were amazed that it was actually real. We both have made some small withdrawals to confirm the program is legitimate. This is a SAVINGS program so it's not meant to pull from at every whim, but I can if I want to!  

Now, after a year of passively earning, seeing my account grow more than I could have imagined, and continuous education on the industry, it's time to share this blessing with you.  This is a global opportunity with over one million WINNING every day! 

Whether you are already knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and understand the workings of exchanges and withdrawing or funding on a platform, if you are now curious, or had been afraid of crypto and the unknown regarding its sustainability and volatility, WE ALL WIN on this platform. If you choose you can win BIG!  

Honestly, I don't need anyone to follow me into this. This is a gift! I am blessed and we're doing great passively, even at a slower pace. I can wait a year to see my dreams completed. My dreams are HUGE.   I have decided to share to accelerate my rewards and realize my dreams sooner! 

I am ready to show you how this works through a thorough presentation, and then invite you to trainings, motivational zooms, and share what I have learned, but I will not hand hold those who do not plug in to learn this technology and how our program functions. It's not just about sitting back and earning wealth. You must be willing to learn and also teach someone how to plug in and learn for themselves. Duplicate and create a team if you choose. Or, become and remain a passive earner and simply let the account grow.  

There is nothing more I can say here. One must see a presentation! Is an hour of your time is worth changing your life for the better and the lives of those you love?  If not, then please continue on to other ventures. I wish you the best of blessings. 

If you have an interest in seeing how you can build a future through our brand new 4X platform and would like more information about our presentation times and links, watch the video link below, complete the form and I will get back to you ASAP!  Or, connect and send an email directly. This is a limited offer from me. I will be person-to-person sharing my excitement.  Please take time now to discover what I have.  

Note: This is the ONE, I am focused on this particular crypto opportunity, so I have no interest in bots or other programs that have multiple requirements.  This is not an investment plan. Compliancy does not allow me to provide income claims, but you will be amazed.     Note: 1 USDT is equivalent to $1 USD. 


To succeed in this new future, one must be a visionary. Your mind must be open to show you what’s possible!   

This article was published on 13.04.2022 by Marina Jacobs
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LGM Enterprises, LLC - Savings & Education, 400 USD to join

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