Youve Been Doing Your MLM for awhile NOW and you feel ALONE!....GET ATTENTION.

First, I'll tell you a little

about who we are...

Most of us joined an MLM or other

Network Opportunities under

some "gurus' system that 

promises the world but is

generally lacking in helping  

the average person succeed.

Normally, they have some expensive 

marketing system that they make money

from you to join, but after weeks, or months 

of paying and promoting a generic affiliate pages

It Doesn't  Have to be this way!...

the new person has lost money and received

few results. How about you?  You're not alone...

"The "guru" is so busy recruiting for THEMSELVES

that they don't provide support for their down lines "

Wouldn't you Agree to my comment?

I'm like "Yeah, If they got so much MONEY, why can't
somehow ADD that into our marketing when we are

PROMOTING THEM (kinda like a job at this point)...

 and with our AUTOSHIP FEES! and eventually

 people give up and quit!

The only person that makes any money

is the "guru" 

We reject that model

Now, I would like to play with

 some numbers

 Go to this Calculator



Statistically the average marketer recruits 2 people

That's just a fact. So plug '2' in # of People you

may recruit


PLUG '2' IN "#" of people they will refer" That would give

you a monthly income of 62....

"Hmmmm"... less than impressive.

Now Plug "6" into both fields

...$9,330 per MONTH!

Now that is a live-able income and



Well that is all fine and dandy, but

how can that be accomplished?

I don't normally pick any MLM system! I believe
It's about helping others getting access to MLMers

willing to share their success and earnings by simply 
using the same exact ad budget I or my Team uses to.


Yes! If you have us "signed up" members under you off
my efforts and build you up fast! And not just me.. BUT..


working on your behalf! PLUS YOU
got ME on your side!

Listen,  we both are in diferent MLMs I know,
But this system is sooo inexpensive and it is 

just a tool, you can add to build you primary
buiness anyway...Think about it

Who doesn't want sign ups to show their MLM to?
Who might need a domain name that fully hosted
along with an mlm email of their choice to look

more professional? Who wouldn't love the fact that 

YOU can build a down line, meaning our TEAM will
work on your  MLM to give you SIGN UPS! and their

members we give them sign ups as well!

This system is built-in to get you leads, commissions on
auto-pilot when you use it...

AND! YOU are Not promoting YOUR MLM by yourself...

You have access to our TEAM and you will get all the details Of us doing
the sign ups for you as you go along and do your thing as well...

The system I'm using is SPONSOR MAGIC!  If you want Me and My Team
to build your downline, this is the actual , linkable system to get you started!

AND best part, To build your downline using your

 particular link, and get you sign ups! Just like that?

"How much would that be worth to you?...

To recap:

 You get a professional, high converting website

A team link landing page of us helping you

Our Marketing, email swipes, banners, Text Ads
and so much more embeded with you links...AND!

Again, we give you signups!  If you're to give us a go..

All  10/m  bucks. No upgrades needed... no buying 
something else,..when I saw this...

I couldn't resist! I needed someone to help me build
build my downline! I needed this so I knew the profits

 would happen much quicker,....and the FAST START 
Bonuses!....Are what you get PAID when you get 

sign ups within days, not weeks or months depending
on how you use our system to let us do it for you...

Take it on A 7 day FREE TRIAL...and PAY NOTHING!...

yeah, even beter, you can get started free.. they
don't bill you the 10 bucks til 7 days later!

Take our system on a test-drive and let us

 build it for you BEFORE you get charged..

Just fill out the info so that you can be a part of
our team and I'll love to see you on the insde!

Mike Deluca

This article was published on 18.11.2019 by Michael Deluca
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