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How to Earn $20.00 - $525.00/daily & Explode Your Downline-Text Message Marketin

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There are more than 6 billion text messages being sent every day.

SMS Text Marketing Funnel

Find out how your business can leverage this trend to make you more money and expand your MLM business. 

Let’s face it cold calling is a virtual pain. Your email marketing campaigns are flopping because emails are not being opened. Social Media Marketing can become very expensive.  If email marketing is your primary advertising media, you are losing preciaous time. According to GetResponse only 22% of marketing emails are opened.

So, what can you do to instantly increase cash flow and increase prospect engagement? You are holding the answer in your hand. The answer is your smartphone. Text message marketing reports a 98% open rate.

Not only is the engagement with your prospects enhanced 10 fold but you can get new prospects on a daily basis with our new Tex Messaging Tool.s.  Don't let lack of leads become an obstacle to your success.    If everyone on your team participates fully in a lead generation campaign, your chances for Big Success are assured.

By adopting a text message strategy in your recruiting strategy; everyone can win. With SMS you can reach your prospects and better still your prospects can reach you when they are ready to pull the plug... You can also reach your prospects in a manner that is non-intrusive and convenient.

As Online Marketers, Network Marketers, and Homebased Business Wwners, it is important to, make use of many lines of communication to get the word out and receive feedback from the prospects and the customers we seek to serve. More often than not, this requires the use of more than one kind of advertising or one recruitment strategy.

Since it is clear that as a society we have become totally dependent on our smartphones for communication, shopping, updates, calendar, clock and more, it just makes sense that marketers who want a more viable lead generation strategy will use our “Done for you SMS Marketing Funnel!”

The “Done For You SMS Marketing gives the new SMS marketer a new medium that they can use to reach their target audience without paying outrageous prices or using laboriously old methods of advertising. Mobile marketing advertising works, because it reaches a vast number of people where they virtually live.  

You can use our super easy SMS leads funnel you can capitalize on this marketing platform to increase and expand every area of your business. SMS marketing is waiting for you to revisit SMS marketing to generate revenue. 

Better Hurry! The price is set to shift to $20 PER MONTH but right now you can get instant (LIFETIME) access for only $20 one time

This article was published on 04.10.2018 by Virginia Sanders
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