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Best Compensation plan in the industry

You say, oh no mine has the best in the industry. Well can you beat 8 ways of earning from your compensation plan. So lets start at the beginning of the tree, well most compensation plans start with an ability to earn from retail this can earn you up to 30%. This can be you determining the retail price or from direct mark up.

Our second is a fast start bonus this is £20 here in the UK for you signing up a team member. The third is our Elite Rebate which can be done by non activating order of 200 CV or more each month. The best way to have this is to have your own auto ship each month. So in other words you need to have at least 200CV which goes back into the centre to payout the compensation plan. As with all companies you have a basic commission which is up to 10% of your total accumulated commissionable volume of your weak leg for each commission month.

The fifth is our Dual linear Mega Match which I am sure no other company has as part of their compensation plan. You earn pound for pound matching commission on the basic commission paid of every team member that you personally sponsor. There is no limit to the number of team members you can personally sponsor. It'snt this great, you are always are paid on the people you sponsor. This gives you an incentive to help your team members and never have any type of competition with them its all about an helping each other, which is the reason why I love the model. Leadership bonus which may or may not be similar to other companies that you receive earnings of up to 4% of your strong leg. (We work on two legs so you could recruit two who recruit two etc) A global share bonus is also paid based on 1% of the company wide CV. When you achieve Presidential Executive level once your weak leg is 400,000 CV or greater each month you are awarded a bonus. Elite honours which is really great deal and a way of working effectively with you new team members order to achieve it at the first level you need at least 600CV through your training centre and sponsored one new team member in the month another bonuses is awarded at this month and every month you get a new team member.

There are advantages to getting your team member to replicate what you do and your bonuses increase as a result. If you are into the money then this a great reason to join. If you are into helping people in different ways of both building a business and helping individuals with their health as well as leaving a legacy. Come join my team, which has different ways for you to grow your business even if you do not like selling. The support through mentoring and accountability, weekly training and a model for you to replicate. I bet you are wondering which company is this! Contact me Jackie Grant on here or email me directly at to find out more.

This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Jackie Grant
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