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REAL Downline with REAL People!

A perfect way to grow your downline with real people is postcard mailing. I send out 5 postcards a day and I am building my downline and promoting my primary business at the same time.  How would you like to get the same results?  I have been doing network marketing since 1998 and I have joined many businesses and I have lost money and I have made money.  I recently teamed up with Joel Broughton. Joel has been job free and working solely from home since 2004 and he created a fabulous company called Postcard Networker. This company allows you to join for FREE and gain leads for your business by mailing postcards. These postcards come to you looking very professional with pre-printed lead names and addresses already on them.  All you have to do is put a stamp on them and mail them out. Although you can join for FREE, you can also pay $9.95 per month and become an Affiliate with the company. The Affiliate position gives you a landing page with a link of your own to give to people; the opportunity to market your primary business; the opportunity to earn 100% matching of free postcards.  Should one of your members purchase additional postcards they will send you the same amount for free; online training and more.  Many times your downline will order more postcards and you get free postcards based on their order and because you have the opportunity to market your primary business, many people will also join you in your primary business.  This is a great way to build a REAL downline and gain exposure for your primary business. Or, make Postcard Networker your primary business.  Also, there is an option of being paid on four different levels.  I see this as a win win opportunity.  The only thing you must do to grow your downline is to mail out postcards every month.  I choose to focus on growing my downline and the money will come.  Joel Broughton will do all your follow-ups for you to help you succeed in business.  Again, I see this as a win win opportunity for your business.  You grow a downline (get leads), promote your primary business, earn money on Postcard Networker and your primary business, what do you have to lose?  Listen to a 24/7 recorded message by calling 1-215-358-4300.

Click the link below to get started for FREE or sign up as an Affiliate ($9.95) a month and grow your downline with REAL people.

Cynthia Acoff

This article was published on 19.06.2017 by Cynthia Acoff
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Postcard Networker - Lead Building, Free to join

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