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I want to share about our company Ibuumerang. We are a one year old home based technology company that currently has 2 platforms: Travels and Rideshares. In our first year, our entry platform is travels. The travel industry is an 8 trillion industry currently dominated by only 2 booking sites, namely: booking holdings and expedia group. So why not take a share of the biggest industry there is? As an ambassador of Ibuumerang you avail wholesale prices on hotels, car rentals, weeks, cruises, luxury homes that you then share to your customers. The customers do not pay for the booking sites. You can gift these free codes which they then activates. And everytime a free code is activated a child is fed in many parts of the world thru our company's  charity foundation.

Our second platform is rideshare called Vibe rides which launched in April 2020. Vibe rides gives you 3 ways to earn, namely: as a driver if you decide to drive, when you refer a rider and when you refer a driver. Just like the name suggest the rider can choose their own vibes. Do you want female riders only, or classical music, or certain temperature? You got it.

Our company Ibuumerang has taken the network marketing industry to the next level by incorporating technology and people's power combined. Through technology that includes artificial intelligence and data analytics, you as an ambassador do not have to do any selling. Your role is to share the good news and good will comes back to you, thus the name Ibuumerang. 

We have already done 50 millions in revenue in our first year, paid 20 millions in commissions and has acquired over 800,000 active users in 189 countries. That places us number 1 in 2019 for fastest growing company. 

Not only that we have a great product, the PRIB which stands for perpetual residual income builder, we have a great system that is tested and tried thanks to our great leadership by Holton Buggs, who is known as the Michael Jordan of the networking industry.

Now it may or may not be for you. You might have found that company that you love that has a great system.. Yet, our company might add value to your business. Does your customers travel? Why not give them a free booking site, and they will be your customer for life. Does your customer need a ride to go from A to B? Why not give her a rider code and get 3% of what she pays. Who would not want to save?   

If you would like to take a look at it. Here it is:


This article was published on 15.07.2020 by Sheila Villacampa
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Ibuumerang - Travels, rideshare, 300 USD to join

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