Life Mechanics University has changed!

Life Mechanics University has changed!

Companies go change all the time right ? It's part of the process of running a business...Find out out what works and what does not work and tweaking it as required.

I have followed this company for the last 12 months and I have seen the growth and the development of the people in the organisation.. People's lives have changed, Some made a lot of money... Some made not a lot at all but learned vital skills that they can take to any network marketing business... Life Mechanics University is all about learning so it served those people well.

Now, Things are different.. As of tomorrow lunch time the current offer which is available to all network marketers comes to an end and the bonus will be locked away and will never be available again.

If network marketers or affiliate marketers manage to check off what is on offer in time they are in for a treat. My close friend..Yes I have talked with him, On a google hangout several times, On the phone and even in email many times... The bonus itself is a all of Robert Hollis's training he has done for the LMU community which when added up is worth over $4000... The thing is you only pay 0.99c for it !!

This is why when the timer is up it goes down. It is only available to student's in the university. Students pay $99 a for $99.99 you get not only a month of Life Mechanics University but you also get the entire training suite unlocked for LIFE. 

Over 30 hours of mentoring and training to help you get more out of life.. Most program's are overpriced... This one you can get for a measly 0.99c when you are a student.... Go ahead and get it... What have you got to lose?

After tomorrow people can only promote the company and collect 50% referral bonus's for life. Why settle just for that when you can get all of the bonus's? 

You can check it out here: Life Mechanics University Loyalty Package

If I can do this.. A stay at home dad of 6.. Then YOU can do this.

I will talk to you soon. 

William O'Toole.

P.S I don't put my name against that many program's but this.. WOW! This is life changing for the right person.

This article was published on 17.04.2016 by William O'toole
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Richard Hernandez Yes, i agree. In business and in lifee too, changes will always come about. Gotta keep up in an fast-paced age!  4 years ago

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