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Financial Freedom With Four Corners Alliancegroup

Four Corners Alliance Group is an American registered company that teaches financial literacy. Their products are Financial ebooks and newsletters that teach you how to make money make sense, how to and what to invest in, how to run a successful business and basic day to day finances including how to stay out of debt. They also offer entrepreneurship courses. They do so in a network marketing approach. When you join, part of the money is for those books. So recruiting you, i would have sold books to you on behalf of the company so i m given commission. As you earn enough commission you will be upgraded to other levels and use a fraction of your commission to buy books for the higher level. That’s why they say you pay once out of your pocket because the rest the business will generate for you. As you do that, i get commission because i would have indirectly sold those upgrades to you since i m the one who sponsored. When you join you start recruiting and earn commission as per the chart i will send. You recruit and those you recruit repeat process there by creating a network for you organized in a 4x6 matrix. You benefit from everyone in the structure an amount depending on the level they fall on in your matrix and amounts as per the payment chart. So that it in short. Most stuff become very clear as you see everything and all progress with your business in your back office. You will have an online office by the way. I reasoned that This is not much of a risk considering its only $18. By joining, i risk losing $18 but by NOT joining i risk losing $500,000.00. So which has a greater risk, joining or not joining?

Please join Me in this wonderful opportunity on and you can read more about Four Corners on

Lets Start our Journey to Financial Freedom Together

Remember that network marketing is a business and you have to treat it as such. You must realize that network marketing is NOT a get rich over night venture.

“You will meet people who believe all network marketing opportunities are pyramid schemes. Why spend all your time trying to convince them otherwise when there are legions of people who are open to what you have?” Randy Gage, Network Marketer, Trainer and Author

This article was published on 09.10.2015 by Chileshe Muchindika
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