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O.K So I had been working on this Network Marketing program

for the last 38 weeks. I have been sending people to my

website at the rate of 50 to 60 per week. I was trying different

methods of advertising on different advertising sites. I realise

that Network Marketing  is not going to give you over night

success and you are not going to make a living over night. I

knew it was going to take time until I actually found the correct

way of promoting my business. This did not worry me, I have

plenty of time and it was more or less a hobby.

 Then one day I was checking my website, and I could not

access it, not very good considering I had just paid for an ad in

 the regional newspaper and also just had a load of flyers

printed, so a waste of money, the site  that I had used for about

8 years to do my domain hosting had just dissapeared, perhaps

gone bankrupt, whom knows.

 So I was licking my wounds wondering what to do next when I

come across an ad saying that I could get free internet access.

 That sounded interesting, how much was it going to cost me...

Well the ad was saying it was free, not only that but 100% free


 Interesting, also they said that the company would be 100%

owned and controlled by the public, and that the internet was

made by people for people and therefor should be run by people

and not the corporate rich. Yes that makes sense, they are going

to give the world 100% free internet service, where free means free,

no costs ever, no up grades,or fees or anything, GREAT, can this

be really possible?

 It takes 1 minute to sign up, no e mails sent to you ever.

They say you will get 5 shares when you join, that means you will

be a part owner from the very start. You can sit back and watch

your profit sharing grow or you can refer others and earn cash and

stock and bonuses and more........blah, blah blah

  Lets see what has happened to me, I joined 2 weeks ago, I have

put out some ads and I have had 6 people sign up directly from my

ads, I also get bonusses down 5 levels where over 150 people have

joined to date, i have credit of ten dollars 60 which I can withdraw

when I reach 20 dollars. I also have over 400 shares that is the bit

that interests me the most, shares for the future, take a look, see

what you think.

Free internet forever.


This article was published on 23.05.2016 by Martin Millidge
Member comments:

Christoph Prinstinger The good thing is, that there are existing one out there which are legal and working ;)  7 years ago
Christoph Prinstinger hy i just wanted to point one thing out (after my opinion). no so called "revshare" can work for longer time as long as there are no further money flows into the pool (return).   7 years ago
Ellie Murphy It does look interesting but i would be cautious regarding any shares - that side of it makes it sound like a rev share program and it just started May 1st.   7 years ago

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