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Hoping For People To Join Your Networking Opportunity?

I remembered "hoping" the people I was cold calling would even take 5 seconds to hear me out. 

I also remember "hoping" people would ask me for more info anytime posted in a Facebook group about my opportunity.

Turns out that "hope" never really helped me out.

And I was really struggling to keep up the pace every single day to wake up and do it all over again.

Especially when I was making almost ZERO headway in my business. 

And then out of nowhere came a friend of mine by the name of Adam who enrolled thousands of people into his various networking businesses. 

Adam was a top affiliate in multiple companies and generated consecutive 6 figure months constantly.

This guy really knew his stuff.

And I'm thinking to myself... "How is this guy seriously enrolling all of these people left, right and center and I'm still over here hoping get 3 people on my team this month"?

What's even more crazy is how out of the thousands of people he enrolled, over 900+ of them were enrolled within 5-6 months?

Yeah you bet I was curious. 

And it turns out Adam was creating something of his very own to make such results happen for him. 

Something that did a ton of the hard work while paying him additional income streams on top of his existing networking business.

Something that took out a lot of the objection and rejection many marketers will face when promoting a business opportunity.

And something that Adam was sharing with his team members for them to start getting more enrollments in his business which in turn, was snowballing his overall monthly income.

He likes to call it The Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

The reason why Adam was able to enroll hundreds of people left, right and center, was really due to the fact that he was doing things differently.

He wasn't cold calling prospects, throwing house meetings or spamming his affiliate link all over the place.

He was providing a solution that so many people were looking for. A system if you will.

A system that generates between 100-200 leads daily. A system that provides valuable resources for networkers to generate additional streams of income on top of their existing opportunity.

And a system that still allowed for networkers to promote their business opportunity on the front end while providing a valuable solution to help accelerate their overall results.

You can get more details by checking out the short video:

Needless to say, I was literally blown away by what he was showing me. 

After he showed me what he was up to, there was no way I ever wanted to go back to what I was previously doing.

Because I knew if I did, I'd be dooming myself to an eternity of doing the things I couldn't stand doing to try and get people into my business.

And that'd I'd honestly really question if I was ever going to hit my income goal I wanted for myself.

What I was doing just didn't work. And If you've done these same things yourself, then you can probably relate.

Just imagine with me for a second if you no longer had to face the pain of constantly being rejected by your prospects?

If you didn't have to constantly post in Facebook about your business and receiving only crickets in the background?

Imagine if everyday you were constantly getting a flood of new prospects looking for a business opportunity?

And that you can finally break that income ceiling that you've had so you can start doing the things that you love? Rather than waste tons of time on things that simply don't produce the results you've been looking for?

It worked for Adam. It worked for the people he shared it with. So why wouldn't it work for you as well?

This article was published on 11.05.2020 by Kevin Williams
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